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proficiency for RhIG anti-D ABIDs

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We have 1 antibody panel and the only type of Antibody ID we perform is a modified Antibody ID (1 rule out) for maternal anti-D when we have documentation that the patient received RhIG during the pregnancy.  We have an inspector asking what we do for proficiency for this tsting.  We subscribe to API for our proficiency but they only offer a general ABID proficiency.  Can anyone share how they handle proficiency for this selective type of Antibody ID testing?

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Don't see anything wrong with that.  Unless someone offers an anti-D (RhIg only) survey - which I believe no one does.

If you can do an antibody ID you can identify anti-D, I would presume. 

Some inspectors just don't get it.

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    • By ejani
      Odd question...  does anybody know if there are any published papers or references on how much time it takes to keep a blood banker proficient and competent when they are required to be competent in different laboratory departments?
    • By SMILLER
      I have read an article from last year about a lab that routinely runs a gel enzyme panel when they get equivocal results (i.e. antibodies of undetermined significance, AUS's, non-specific reactions) on gel screens or panels.  About 25% of the time they identified significant allo-antibodies that otherwise would have been missed as they would  have been ruled-out on the regular panels.  Does anyone else do this?
      Thanks, Scott
    • By DPruden
      I was hoping someone else could tell me how they handle proficiency testing surveys if you have different instruments.  We currently have 2 ECHOs and 1 NEO, and I am in a quandary on how to do the JAT survey on both instruments without breaking the rules about repeating CAP samples before the due date.  We don't really have a designated first choice of instruments and the JAT samples are stated by CAP to run within 7 days of receipt due to the possibility of hemolysis.  Thanks in advance!
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      I am switching from an Immucor antibody panel to a Quotient antibody panel and need to do a validation.  Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this? How many samples (both pos and neg) I should use or know of any references I can look at?
    • By SMILLER
      We have a patient with a history of Lua. According to our policy, if her screen is negative (there are no Lua pos cells on our 3-cell screen panel), we check for reactivity with three Lua positive cells taken from our ID panels.  If anti-Lua is showing up, we would release AHG compatible blood, if needed, without having to check at all for Lua antigen.
      If the anti-Lua is not showing up at all, we would have to order confirmed Lua neg units from our blood supplier (ain't got none of that fancy anti-Lua reagent here) and crossmatch those.
      Question: assuming the screen is negative and the three Lua positive cells from other panels are all positive with the patient's plasma, do we in this case have to rule out all the other antigens as well? (we use a 3 x 3 r/i r/o rule here)
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