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  1. How did you program Meditech so that it allows a type and screen to qualify as 'current' for longer than the standard 3 days? We perform electronic crossmatches so maybe it is more strict & does not allow you to go past the 3 days for all patients including newborns. Meditech told us that we had to 'crossmatch' even on a newborn that the system doesn't just allow you to 'assign' an RBC unit to a newborn although when I used Sunquest in a previous position it allows us to just 'assign' an RBC for up to 3/4 months.
  2. We have 1 antibody panel and the only type of Antibody ID we perform is a modified Antibody ID (1 rule out) for maternal anti-D when we have documentation that the patient received RhIG during the pregnancy. We have an inspector asking what we do for proficiency for this tsting. We subscribe to API for our proficiency but they only offer a general ABID proficiency. Can anyone share how they handle proficiency for this selective type of Antibody ID testing?
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