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  1. I'm seeking help with setting up Meditech and HemaTrax. We have been having issues printing on the 2x2 labels (product and expiration) - it has never worked correctly. HemaTrax told us it's a known problem with Meditech and Meditech doesn't seem to know the ins and outs of the printer setup. If anyone has any suggestions or contacts from either company I would greatly appreciate the help!
  2. Does anyone charge for these type verifications. I was told you could not but have heard of some people charging. Just wondering.
  3. I utilize an electronic temperature monitoring system where all of my alarms are set and tested on a quarterly basis. Do I also need to perform quarterly alarm checks on my refrigerators and freezers? It seems redundant. The manufacture instruction manual says to perform quarterly alarm checks on the unit itself. I don't want to not follow manufacturer's instructions, but at the same time feel my electronic temperature monitoring system is better utilized for this purpose.
  4. Is there a way to charge for a Fetal Screen as part of a RhIG evaluation?
  5. I recently toured a small lab and in their blood bank it appeared they used BBraun brand 0.9% sodium chloride irrigation USP (isotonic saline for irrigation). Out of curiosity I tried to look into it a bit to see if that was an adequate practice. I think I just ended up confusing myself. The pH range on this saline is 4.5-8. They do not perform coombs crossmatches at the facility. Most package inserts for the antisera they use say to use isotonic or normal saline. Just curious what others think about this.
  6. Thanks for the input everyone. I guess from a blood banker's mindset everything needs a validation, but in the case of FDA licensed antisera probably not a requirement.
  7. I am switching from an Immucor antibody panel to a Quotient antibody panel and need to do a validation. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this? How many samples (both pos and neg) I should use or know of any references I can look at?
  8. I need to validate a new antibody panel, as I am switching manufacturers.  Does any one have recommendations or references regarding how many samples (both positive and negative) I should use to perform my validation?

  9. Can anyone explain the difference to me between the P9039 and P9057 code? Can you charge for both of these? P9039 = Red blood cells, deglycerolized, each unit P9057 = Red blood cells, frozen/deglycerolized/washed, leukocytes reduced, irradiated, each unit
  10. I want to start performing Rh typing at a small emergency room facility, just to determine if a patient is eligible for RhIG. Currently if they have a <12 wk antenatal patient with a miscarriage they send out all blood bank testing and the patient waits hours for the result. Obviously many times they are Rh positive and don't even need RhIG. Does anyone out there perform Rh testing only?
  11. Welcome to the forums sarara26 :)

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