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  1. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  2. Sorry for the delay in response. We make up our Trypsin that we get from Sigma Aldrich. It seems to work just as well as DTT, but we treat it with both since the "standard" seems to be DTT. I've attached our Trypsin testing SOP. Trypsin Testing.docx
  3. I work at a reference lab as well and we get roughly 3-4 DARA patients a month. More often than not, half are repeat customers. It seems strength varies from patient to patient, but definitely increases as the treatment continues, but nothing more than a 2+. We treat screening cells with DTT every time. We also treat a second set with trypsin to help rule out Kell group system antibodies. So far we haven't had much viability with cells lasting longer than a full shift.
  4. What about pre-warming a clinically significant antibody away like an Anti-Vel?
  5. I have seen this before, cold auto. We did an auto adsorption at 4C, and reran the sample; like yours, clean as a whistle. And I agree with catchmenow51 about the potential adsorption in transport.
  6. I work at a community blood bank. We have found that the platelet bumps the cancer patients were receiving from the crossmatched platelets were as good, and sometimes better, than from the HLA matched units.
  7. Welcome to the forums BloodBankBlake :)

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