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  1. Opening a chemo infusion clinic a few blocks away with no pneumatic tube. Considering Haemobank for Reds but trying to brainstorm a system for platelets. Ideas? Apart from making golf cart runs several times a day.
  2. Well, I hope that has since been resolved! Sounds awful.
  3. You are closer in size/services to us than NancyC. Do you mind if I reach out by email to introduce myself?
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone! I may be reaching out with questions as more develops. I've heard rumors about having to "log in" samples twice. Can you guys confirm this?
  5. We are moving from Cerner. Trying to find a similar facility using this combo to ask questions to and see how problems are solved. We have not been paired with a like account. Let's be friends!
  6. I am currently working on something like this, just for our purged files so we can send them to the warehouse. Not using software, but making a folder tree to scan the panels into. The problem we are running into is that some of the older panels are not scanning very well. The ink is faint. Some, we will have to resort to doing photographs. Other concerns we have as we work on this is file encryption and backing up. Anyone have ideas? Even if we end up having to keep the paper versions, it is easier to search electronically than digging around in old and crumpled papers!
  7. Thank you for your replies! We already do antibody avoidance instead of perfect match, if necessary. And PRA/HLA screens are done routinely, but we have so many patients that are 99% reactive because they weren't getting compatible platelets sooner. Crossmatching has been discussed, but it seems like high upkeep. What processes do you use if you do crossmatch compatible platelets?
  8. Hi folks! I am wondering how your establishment handles orders for HLA matched platelets. I am at a lvl I trauma center with a major cancer center. We end up having to HLA match many patients after they stop responding to our single donor pheresis. The increased need for platelets after chemo is obviously the driving factor here. Currently, our Immunomolecular Path lab does the HLA typing and we relay that information to our blood center to search their donor pool or see about doing a national search. This can sometimes lead to delays in product, especially when a patient has frequent need and is receiving transfusion on an out-patient basis. It is hard to coordinate. Most of the time, the physicians have to approve single donor platelets in the meantime or hope we can get acrodose platelets shipped in for better odds of HLA match. Any insight or organizational tips are much appreciated! Thank you!
  9. Welcome to the forums fuzdu :)

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