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  1. We have a very small pediatric transfusion practice but a lively trauma program for a hospital our size. We were tasked with creating a MTP process for our little people. I am looking for a good reference for using AS units in Peds traumas/large volume transfusions. The only references I have been able to locate address the anticoagulant in small volume transfusions. Also, our supplier is floating the idea of dropping CPDA-1 units. Thank you in advance for any sage advice!
  2. We are trying to update our pediatric transfusions. We are struggling to getting the right fit for our small need. We are looking at options for splitting and aliquoting units. One option brought to me by the nursery staff is called Hemo-Nate. This is a 18 micron filter set. Anyone have any experience with this product or this size of filter? Thank you
  3. Thank you for the reply. 5.15.4 addresses having a policy for limiting ABO incompatible plasma.
  4. We want to start using low titer Type A liquid plasma as our initial set of plasma with our MTP. I am having a little struggle with wording our protocol for use after the blood type has been determined. For those of you that use Type A as a universal donor, when do you switch after immediately after you discover the B/AB blood type or later in the process? Which makes me ask the second question, how do you comply with standards 5.15.4? Thank you everyone!
  5. We seem to experiencing a high rate of equivocal (?) reactions on the ECHO. We have made calls to the hotline. The outcome is usually bad strips/indicator cells. Immucor has suggest that we visually interpret them. My blood bank staff is comprised of mostly generalist and I don't think they will feel comfortable about doing this. Our only experience with solid phase is the ECHO. I would like to know what other facilities do with the equivocal results. Thank you in advance
  6. Hello, I have been pestering my blood supplier for a year about getting us liquid plasma. I would love to know if you are using it and who your supplier is? Also, if you have had any issues associated with the product. Thanks
  7. I had an employee ask a thought provoking question about proper patient patient identification prior to transfusion in the surgical suites. As stated in her scenario, sometimes the patient identifcation armband is obscured from view due to drapes/arm placement or removed due to the medical intervention. I think our current policy states handles the situation pretty well but I would like to hear how others address this situaton. THANKS!
  8. For those of you using fictitious names.... When do you merge with the true patient? Do you have a specific criteria?
  9. We are expanding services at our hospital to include neurosurgery. So the surgery department will be wanting to store the bone flaps from the decompression surgeries. I am trying to find some reference materials or a kind person that may be willing to share their process. Thank you!!
  10. We have the Panasonic Ultralow with the dual compressor. We have had it for a little less than a year. So far so good.
  11. We are investiagating PPID systems for housewide use with Pharm, Lab and BB. During one of our discussion meeting, the topic of band removal and rebanding came up. Occasionally, bands get too tight or they are in the way. The identification at admission requires photo ids and other checks. My concern is for the other areas of the hospital when verification is less likely to be as effective such as a sedated patient in surgery. In theory, this could ruin the integrity that the PPID system is trying to achieve. The concept of iris scanning is far better that some of the suggestions we formed
  12. For people using the positive patient identification systems: What special steps are designed into your system/policies that account for removing the admissions band and replacing it with a new one? Is their any kind of safety check for the correct band going back on the correct patient? Thank you!
  13. After years of requesting a backup to my ultralow freezer, I finally received a new Panasonic Ultralow Freezer with dual compressors. It has been running well since installation but the operating instructions are lacking the details for a good alarm check procedure. Anyone out there with a procedure they would be willing to share? Thank You!
  14. My hospital is looking into expanding the surgical services. Part of this expansion will include placing a blood refrigerator in the Surgery department. In preparation for these changes, I would appreciate hearing your comments on this subject. It has been a long time since I worked at a hospital with remote storage Thank you!
  15. Jody

    Cooler Use

    There are several posts about what coolers everyone is using. But I am curious to know, what type of situations warrant the use of coolers at your facility? (I have had a couple requests over the years that just didn't warrant the intent.)
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