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  1. We have a set of pre-defined classes of suspected transfusion reactions that the nurses can pick from. I met with our residents and interns and went over transfusion reactions and what the nurses are supposed to do when one is suspected and that the Doctor cannot cancel one even if they don't think the signs/symptoms are related to a transfusion reaction. They asked for a some standard guidelines as to what the nurses were calling reactions. For example: we have a hyper/hypo tension symptom. They would like to know what is the standard change (systolic up 30mm, etc). They also didn't like the pain symptom because some people are chronic complainers and I tried to explain a new onset of pain. Anyway......does anyone have set parameters that the nurses use to call a suspected transfusion reaction? I've looked on AABB's website and can't find exactly what I'm looking for. Natalie
  2. SRMC BB

    Separate Blood Bank Armbands

    We still use them and have no plans to discontinue
  3. SRMC BB

    Refrigerated Centrifuge for component prep

    Yes I have reached out to them. They sent a starting point on a different sized centrifuge which was not helpful. Asked them to let me know what other customers had this centrifuge and what they were doing and I have not heard back.....so we winged it and got it figured out
  4. Does anyone have a Hettich Rotixa 500RS? Trying to get setting for spinning down whole blood of 450ml-500ml to make FFP components. Any validation guides or suggestions would also be helpful. Natalie
  5. SRMC BB

    BloodBankTalk:Allergic Reaction

    I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  6. I just answered this question. My Score FAIL  
  7. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  8. I just answered this question. My Score FAIL  
  9. I just answered this question. My Score FAIL  
  10. I just answered this question. My Score FAIL  
  11. SRMC BB

    Return of used blood

    We save a segment at crossmatching with the patient's sample, all rubberbanded together. Only get bags back in the event of a suspected reaction
  12. SRMC BB

    Workflow for 2nd Blood Draws

    Do you always do a second sample draw on pre-op patients? I had one yesterday for a hysterectomy, hgb 13.3, no prior history. I didn't get a second sample for retype because the chances of her needing blood were slim. I figured that if she needed blood in the OR, a nurse could draw me a second sample. Most of our surgical patients do not need blood the day of surgery, it's usually a few days after if at all. I hated to have her stuck again for no reason since there was no blood ordered to be crossmatched or transfused.
  13. Do you use an additional form of identification (Typenex bracelet)? We use Typenex bracelets for all blood bank samples. If we draw a Type and screen, with or without crossmatch, type and hold, etc. The patient gets banded If so are you using it for all products? Yes we do. We recently (May 2016) sent Rhogam to pharmacy We currently use typenex for packed cells and Rhogam. We don't require it for ffp, pheresis, or cryo. Our LIS tech is telling me it has to be used for all or none in TAR because of the way the parameters have to be answered. That is a dictionary setting. I believe it is all or nothing If required for all products do you use a different one for each product? No, we use one armband per patient per admission. If it becomes illegible, we change it when we draw a new sample What form of identification or requisition do you require at the time of issue? We have a blood/tissue release form. They have to put a label (name, MR#, DOB sticker) on it and then sign, date, time the pickup. We also put a Blood unit number on it so we can track if needed. It's also issued in meditech at that time so nursing can start in TAR What information from the unit and/or the patient do you require nurses to verify (scan barcode) at bedside? Patient hospital wristband, Blood unit number, and product barcode. Can set up to have blood bank wristband scanned but we haven't done that yet. They also have to manually check like we did before TAR What other issues have you encountered? Nursing not documenting Vitals in TAR. Regular vitals don't flow to TAR if they doc them there. Other than barcode scanner issues, it's worked really well
  14. It's more than likely a dictionary setting that you can have edited. We recently moved to Meditech 6.1 and I have it set that you have to result and release a type and ABS before you can even crossmatch a unit. A little annoying, but it makes sure there is a current one before you can crossmatch. With that being said, we can add on units to another requisition (with no ABS ordered on that spec number ) as long as the patient has a current ABS in the last 3 days. That also is a dictionary setting for the system to look back on the same acct for the 3 days. Hope this helps
  15. SRMC BB

    Meditech Product Build

    We are switching to Meditech 6.1 on May 1st. It's been a stressful year and a half!!! I had them specific for the EMR and the consultants told me to get them into more generic categories because the doctors wouldn't care what anticoagulant was in the bag. I used packed cells, LP packed cells, LP-irr packed cells, FFP, LP Pheresis platelets, LP-irr Pheresis platelets. Hope this helps Natalie

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