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  1. Do they have 2 separate sites to infuse at the same time? That would be the only way I 'd release 2 at the time
  2. @bankergirl could I email you some more questions? My email is nlamb@sampsonrmc.org
  3. Does anyone use the handheld phlebotomy feature with Meditech? We are interested in looking into that feature and I wanted to ask some "Real life" users before I talked with Meditech. Looking for something that we can use at the bedside for scanning orders and patient wristbands to ensure the phlebs are sticking the right patient everytime. We have had a couple of wrong patients collected in the past month because of not verify patient with the required 2 identifiers. Thanks! Natalie
  4. We bought the Rotixa. We use it for spinning down WB to make FFP in our hospital blood bank. We aren't a blood center, but we do have our own donor center. Most of our units are "settled" before packing
  5. We have a set of pre-defined classes of suspected transfusion reactions that the nurses can pick from. I met with our residents and interns and went over transfusion reactions and what the nurses are supposed to do when one is suspected and that the Doctor cannot cancel one even if they don't think the signs/symptoms are related to a transfusion reaction. They asked for a some standard guidelines as to what the nurses were calling reactions. For example: we have a hyper/hypo tension symptom. They would like to know what is the standard change (systolic up 30mm, etc). They also didn't like the pain symptom because some people are chronic complainers and I tried to explain a new onset of pain. Anyway......does anyone have set parameters that the nurses use to call a suspected transfusion reaction? I've looked on AABB's website and can't find exactly what I'm looking for. Natalie
  6. We still use them and have no plans to discontinue
  7. Yes I have reached out to them. They sent a starting point on a different sized centrifuge which was not helpful. Asked them to let me know what other customers had this centrifuge and what they were doing and I have not heard back.....so we winged it and got it figured out
  8. Does anyone have a Hettich Rotixa 500RS? Trying to get setting for spinning down whole blood of 450ml-500ml to make FFP components. Any validation guides or suggestions would also be helpful. Natalie
  9. I just answered this question. My Score PASS
  10. I just answered this question. My Score FAIL
  11. I just answered this question. My Score FAIL
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