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  1. Good afternoon Darren, Work smarter, not harder. Scan those documents. Miss you! Dawn
  2. Does anyone have a XN-550 hematology analyzer? I'm writing procedures and was wondering if anyone wanted to share with me. Thanks, Dawn Arnett-Wingham, MT
  3. Question about TRM.30700 - QC Records - The records indicate that when components are prepared that do not meet the quality control requirements, corrective action is taken and records maintained. We are a small hospital that does not "prepare" components.....Is this question for bigger hospitals that might collect donors? Or does this refer to "blood inspection" as the units enter the blood bank and units that are issued? Maybe I'm reading too much into this.... Dawn Arnett-Wingham, MT(ASCP)
  4. Do any other labs compare automated and manual differentials on a daily basis??? Thanks, Dawn Arnett-Wingham, MT(ASCP)
  5. We are having a discussion about record keeping for folks with antibodies, transfusion reactions, etc. If the patient is DECEASED, do we have to keep the records indefinitely? I say TRASH them. Thanks, Dawn Arnett
  6. That "in the comments" give 2 units PC's should not work as an order. We use Meditech and the docs have to order all products regardless. Any other testing such as type and screens are reflexed ordered when they order products. It has been a HUGE education process getting them to use it.
  7. How do other labs handle "just in case" extra specimens. We continually receive specimens with no orders...blood cultures, urine specimens, tubes of blood. We were keeping a log sheet of these specimens that included who we called about orders, time called, location, computer search, tech, etc. This has become a nightmare. Dire insight is needed on how other labs handle extra specimens. Thanks in advance, Dawn Arnett, MT Kings Daughters Health
  8. It "claims" to be bidirectional, but it is not. Just a good selling point. Dawn Arnett, MT
  9. In the past, I have purged our blood histories for those patients who have expired by using through the social security index on the internet. All good things have come to an end and now I can't use this site. How do other users purge all the blood bank histories on patients who have died? Thanks in advance, Dawn Arnett, MT BB Section Supervisor Kings Daughters Health
  10. Can anyone out there enlighten me on this topic? - How does your facility deal with emergency release of O negative units or any units where NO SPECIMEN is obtained by the ER or lab for compatibility testing. I just came a meeting where NURSING wants to change the policy to add a variance to our policy about this. I'm quoted them the AABB policy for compatibility testing even if blood was issued by emergency release. They are complaining about obtaining specimens. Thanks, Dawn Arnett, MT Kings Daughters Hospital Madison, Indiana
  11. HEM.35604 - If a body fluid specimen is examined in more than one area of the laboratory, there is a mechanism to compare the data and interpretations from these differents areas, particularly when a diagnosis of malignancy is rendered. Does anyone have any helpful hints, ideas, etc., to deal with question?? Dawn Arnett, MT Kings Daughters Hospital Madison, IN
  12. I also have probelms with all the steps involved. There are less steps when the specimen is entered manually. But around here its all about interfacing the instrument. The more steps in the PROCESS the greater chance of making a mistake.
  13. We use pink top tubes for gel of course. When we first started using them there was a problem with ab screens. After some investigation, it was suggested to increase the centrifuged time to 10 minutes before use. Dawn Arnett, MT
  14. I have been running out ProVue for over 4 years. QC is run in the am and printed for review. Most of the time, routine type and screens are held for one run at noon. Second shift usually waits until the medical office building closes and does another run. I have been known to run it continuously for 8 hours after each run goes into the centrifuge if we are very busy. Dawn Arnett, BB Supervisor
  15. I know waht you mean about being excluded. After 4 years I'm still left "out of the loop" when the the transfusion committee meets. Most of the time they end up coming to me with questions the physicians can not answer. Dawn Arnett, MT
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