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  1. I will attempt to attach my form I made. Lot to Lot Verification of FMH Screen.docx
  2. Does anyone here use the SoftBank program? We are having a lot of problems with a lot of the nurses not wanting to pickup the blood utilizing SoftID.TX. They say it is too complicated. I think they just need more education on it since they get very little. They go out of their way to attempt to get us to issue it to them using the old paper method. If anyone deals with education, do you have a format or any suggestions on presentation to make it simpler?
  3. I was told I could only charge for the units they receive. Do you have the CMS code for that charge by any chance?
  4. We have a "pick-up" slip for any time the anesthesiologist is monitoring the blood. This slip must have a chart label attached (name, dob, mr#), the BBID wrist band number, and how many units are requested. We NEVER, EVER give out blood, even emergency release, without them bringing some type of patient identification with them. What if there were 2 patients needing blood? We use SoftBank and we print out a transfusion slip for the anesthesiologist who scribbles "see anesth. report on it rather than filling it in and we issue it from our side into SoftBank as issued. My feeling is that the fewer "exemptions" the safer the process is. I also suspect that some physicians would capitalize on the "exemption" and push it past the limit.
  5. I've never heard of any. However, I'll be watching this to see if anybody has. We have the same situation at my hospital. Most after-hour phone calls I get and problems I have to deal with are because of this. (Even though they could look in the procedure manual, it's quicker to get an answer from me than looking it up in the manual.) I would love to have at least one other designated blood banker at least on days and one on evenings. This is hard to do right now with them cutting staff and expecting twice the work out of the rest of us.
  6. We are a small hospital of @300 beds. I do all the auditing, statistics, writing of policies and procedures, etc. as well as being on the bench most of the time. There is no way I will ever "catch up" to where I would like to be under these circumstances. I say all that to let you know how lucky you are to have all of those people being part of the Transfusion Services to take care of those aspects of the job. We have a quarterly meeting that includes 2-3 RNs that cover safety, compliance, and monitoring of the hospital, not just us. Also my lab director and assistant, Pathologist, one MD from the birthing center (even though any of them are welcome). This Blood Utlization meeting seems to satisy the AABB as they have never questioned in depth. My problem is the RN who is in charge of the meetings and takes my statistics to review random cases. I know she is spread thin but when I question any RN or physician practices in transfusion, she ALWAYS sides with the RN or physician with no proof only that she is convinced it was correct. It shouldn't be like that. I'm not trying to get people in trouble, I just feel that the process should be a collaborative process, not an "us against them" process and the way she handles it I feel contributes to the environment of an internal conflict. Just sayin'!
  7. I am trying to find someone who has been through connecting the Grifols Erytra to the SoftBank software. We were supposed to go live on Oct. 31st but due to interface problems were unable to. We have completed all of our other validations except for the Software validations. We are having issues with querying, particularly that it won't query more than one sample which is not practical. I'm not involved as much in this part of the validation. We have an LIS person who is just learning SoftBank and a person from Grifols working with us and we are on the phone a lot with SoftBank but nobody seems to have an answer! We are using TCP/IP connection. Has anyone already been through this? If so, is it working? Could you give me any information that would be helpful? Or a contact number would be great! (as well as probably faster and more productive!) Thanks for any help!! We are getting desperate!!!
  8. We perform therapeutic phlebotomy by appointment only. Occasionally a patient will come in and have his/her H and H drawn to see if he/she needs to have it performed and then schedule the phlebotomy for another day. Does anyone have any information on what the length of time this H and H is considered "good" for performing the procedure? Two days later? A week? Are there any rules about this? What is your facility doing if this occurs? Thank you all for your help!
  9. Same as above. Here is the form I made in case you need it. l to l to send.docx
  10. Wow! I'm thinking that, even though this happens rarely, that this has been handled incorrectly here. Whenever we send blood with a patient, we issue it in our LIS and we're done. The patient gets charged whether they receive the blood or not. The LIS also changes them to "transfused" after 48 hours. I assumed (which I'm always told "makes an ### out of you and me") that it was up to the receiving end to document anything further. So I will be keeping up with this post to see what I need to do differently. Any and all suggestions are welcome!
  11. I was told that unless a time out of the Blood Bank has been validated, we can't use time as an indicator of whether or not a unit is acceptable for re-issue. Only temperature can be used. If the unit is being transported within the facility, this is still considered "storage" and the upper level allowable would be 6 degrees, not 10 degrees. We attach Hemo-temps (switching to Safe-T-Vue 6 once validated) to the units as well as checking the temp when it returns. The indicator is necessary because if the transfusionist left the blood sitting out, it could have reached an acceptable temperature again once it has been on the cold pack a while. For units not sent on cold packs, we use a Traceable Mini IR Thermometer by MarketLab that is ISO calibrated that has been really reliable. I don't recall them being super expensive either. How on earth did they condone returning units to inventory when the indicator had turned red!?! Inspectors haven't noticed this? My question would be: to what use is the indicator being used if it is being ignored?
  12. Is this a typo or do you seriously have that many FDA reportables per year!?! From ONE transfusion service?!?
  13. You took the words right out of my typing fingers Malcolm!
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