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Our hospital is in the process of evaluating new software for the entire institution. We have looked at Cerner, Epic and McKesson. We (blood bank/TS) currently have SafeTrace (HBB) and personally, I dislike it greatly. But it has been a very long time since I have worked with anything else.

Can folks give me some pros and cons of Cerner and Epic? I heard that Epic does not have a BB/TS module so if our administration chooses them, we will be stuck with SafeTrace.  :angry:

SafeTrace has horrible reporting and the emergency release for an unknown patient doesn't work very well. So if we get Epic, is there any chance that I could get some better statistics, even though we would still have the same BB/TS system?

Any advice would be most appreciated.



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We have Epic for the hospital and the Lab (Beaker), and we had to get a stand-alone BB LIS.  We chose SoftBank and are very happy with it.  If SafeTrace is so bad, I would NOT move forward with it if you have Epic.  You need a really good BB system and a company that will work very hard to get you interfaced with Epic.


Epic EMR is really good, we will be implementing their Blood Administration module this coming year.  Beaker is a little rough but getting better with each upgrade; it was designed by IT people, not lab people and they are now starting to try to make it better.


I used Cerner Millenium in the past and didn't like it at all, but then again I think it was the way it was poorly built.

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I have recently looked at stand alone BBIS . . . The McKesson product is safetrace (and apparently they are not going to support it anylonger - we have McKesson and my admin was kind of peeved that they would do a presentation knowing that they were dropping the product support).  Liked HCLL and Softbank . . .  going with the Soft product (I hope). 

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We have Epic on the hospital side and Cerner for the lab, including Blood Bank. I worked in Blood Bank for 20+ years in 2 different hospitals, both of which used Cerner, so I can't compare it to anything. I will say that it's a very good system  - lots of functionality and checks and balances. As Terri indicated, a poorly built system makes all the difference. If it's built well, it rarely presents end users with any problems. Very customizable.

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