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Plasma Freezer Down: Better Process for Temp Storage of Frozen Products

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All, I am about to blow your mind....

Our plasma freezer is down and so is our backup. The freezer will not get colder than -18 C. I was preparing to move all the products into boxes with dry ice until I had a conversation with my 87 year old dad, a retired blood banker from University of Chicago. He said to me, do not take the plasma out of the freezer and put it in boxes, PUT THE DRY ICE IN THE FREEZER, IT IS THE BEST STORAGE BOX YOU HAVE!!!!:eyepopping:


I did that. Our freezer is currently reading -25.1C and getting colder. Furthermore, the probes in the freezer continually monitor the temp in the freezer so you don't have to record temps every 4 hours, the chart is doing that for you!!!

Isn't that cool? That perfectly illustrates the difference between wisdom and knowledge there. I wish we could hire my dad.

I just had to share this here.

PS. Freezer is now at -26.4C.


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12 hours ago, Cliff said:

Just be aware that dry ice turns into a gas.  I presume your freezer is not fully airtight, but it could open rather violently depending on how tight it is sealed, and how long since the last time it was opened.

We have to open it to get freezer packs for coolers and thaw FFP so the gas gets dissipated a few times/day. Thanks for the warning though. I'll put that in my freezer downtime policy.

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