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Blood Bank Record book vs Meditech


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Dear Fellow techs,

We are using Meditech Expanse in our hospital and one of the Meditech specialist( also a tech) suggested to remove the Blood bank record logbook and Syscard for documentation. All manual results should be directly resulted in the system and we do not need to write it on logsheet for documentation. 

For Patient history, we just need to navigate patient history on meditech and so we dont need to use syscard for documenation.

What is your opinion about this idea? 

Is it worth it to keep and use the logsheet for documentation?

I will appreciate all your replies. Thanks.

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I use Meditech and do not have any paper. As to histories, we look up each patient history when we get specimens on the patient.  Normally on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I download a copy of patient histories onto a DVD in case of Ransom Ware Attacks. The file is downloaded and saved as a Word file that is accessible from any PC.


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