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  1. Hello, I am working in a small town hospital. I want to ask your opinion about this scenario. Patient stay in the ambulance and took by airmed. ER doc, requested blood and took by Airmed personnel. All documentation in paper, blood charges in paper. Patient not registered that day and no visit number .Is this accepted? or its a deviation? We are using Meditech in our facility but for this case patient has no registration number. appreciate all your response
  2. Dear Fellow techs, We are using Meditech Expanse in our hospital and one of the Meditech specialist( also a tech) suggested to remove the Blood bank record logbook and Syscard for documentation. All manual results should be directly resulted in the system and we do not need to write it on logsheet for documentation. For Patient history, we just need to navigate patient history on meditech and so we dont need to use syscard for documenation. What is your opinion about this idea? Is it worth it to keep and use the logsheet for documentation? I will appreciate all your replies. Thanks.
  3. Good day, I am new tech assign in Blood bank, i would like to ask how do you deal with patient without history , are you doing the retype with the same sample or will you just do the re-type if there is request for blood transfusion. Someone told me that its a CLIA or CAP requirement. Please ,kindly shed some light about this matter. I will appreciate all your responses. Thank you.
  4. Hello fellow lab frontliners, I am a newbie working in Blood Bank , What kind of report to do you file in case OTHER department are involved, for example in my case admission dept register the patient using old /wrong patient file in which historical blood type does not matched the current blood type result. These scenario was twice happen this year. I dont know if occurence report would be enough or there is other proper reporting method to properly addressed the issue to other department. i will greatly appreciate all your response . Thank you.
  5. Sir John , in my case I am working in a small hospital and its my first time to work in Blood bank, most of my antibody screening are all negative. I rarely or never got an antibody positive patient in a month. In this case what will be my sample for validation studies?
  6. Hello everyone , Our supplier (Immucor)will discontinue the polyclonal Anti-Fyb reagent and will supply a new monoclonal Anti-Fyb, is it necessary to do a validation studies? Thanks and God bless..
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