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  1. Hello: Make sure you replace your current HemaTrax printer with the same 300 dpi print resolution and it's loaded with the Digi-Trax proprietary Blood Bank ABO-Rh firmware. Once the right replacement printer is in place and properly loaded with ISBT128 labels/ribbon (only if labels are thermal transfer), there is really no validation requirements to complete prior to its use. HemaTrax end users usually don't validate the printer, but do validate the HemaTrax software. So, as long as the printer is configured correctly (Network and in HemaTrax), then it's ready to put into use. Thanks,
  2. I hope this information helps in regards to DIN on collected or pooled products. Per US Consensus Standard, the DIN should remain that of the collection facility unless the product is pooled. If the product is pooled, a unique new pool number shall be assigned by the pooling facility. This product shall be given a new Donation Identification Number (DIN) and not use a DIN from one of the units in the pool. The new DIN shall have the Facility Identification Number of the pooling facility. And below DIN information is excerpted from the US Consensus Standard v3.0.0 - Some computer systems treat reconstituted red cells as a pooled product; others do not. The Donation Identification Number (DIN) can either be a newly assigned Pool Number (for those systems that treat the product as a pooled product) or that of the RBC (for those systems that do not treat it as a pooled product). The text name and location of the facility that appears beneath the DIN shall correspond to the Facility Identification Number within the DIN. That means, if the original DIN of the red blood cells is used, the name beneath the DIN shall correspond to the collection facility. If a new pool number is assigned to the product, the DIN shall have the Facility Identification Number of the pooling facility, and the name beneath the DIN shall be that of the pooling facility. Regardless of which method is chosen, traceability of both the red blood cells and the plasma shall be assured. The DIN of the plasma must be associated with the DIN of the final product in the facility records.
  3. We do have a label adhesive that can be directly applied to bags and meets FDA requirements. We can make a custom label if needed for an "IRRADIATED" label that can be applied to any portion of the bag.
  4. We do have a 4 x 4 ISBT128 label with proper adhesive (CFR21.sec. 175.105) available for HemaTrax that has a small back split for syringe labeling. It exposes only a portion of the adhesive and may solve your problem. The product # is ISBT-44-Syringe-23KT.
  5. Digi-Trax can help you with the validation script for our HemaTrax® ISBT 128 software that works with our printer. The process for validating thawed Plasma products should be the same as how these products were validated previously with your original printer. Please contact us at 800-356-6126 or at info@digi-trax.com for further assistance.
  6. NLiveris

    Unit Labels

    We’re glad our labels are working for you! If you have any questions down the road, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-356-6126 or info@digi-trax.com
  7. For a product that is IRRADIATED, that attribute will print on an ISBT 128 label below the product name (see example) using HemaTrax software from Digi-Trax. No need for a separate label.
  8. Digi-Trax can validate your stand-alone software HemaTrax; all labels. The cost for the first PC is $3000.00 and the part# is ISBT-SA. Each additional PC using the same E-Codes is part# ISBT-SA-ADD and cost is $1000.00. If you require more information or wish to talk with someone directly please call Jeff Kriozere @ 847-613-2104 or E-Mail jkriozere@digi-trax.com
  9. Please call Henry Cagadas at 847-613-2114 or his cell at 847-280-4931. He certainly can help you. Henry is our main technical support person for HemaTrax.
  10. Would anyone be willing to email or fax a copy of a packing slip from American Red Cross. We may have idea to improve capture and storage of the data? (nliveris@digi-trax.com or FAX: 847-465-9055)
  11. Digi-Trax offers blood compatibility labels with FDA approved adhesive that will not leach into the bag. The adhesive is quite durable and labels will not fall off the bag. For more information, please visit our web site at www.digi-trax.com or contact us at 847-613-2100. We’re happy to provide you with the right solution.
  12. Digi-Trax offers the BT-10 indicators. We have a strong, satisfied base of blood bank users and we’d be happy to send you samples.
  13. If you need to re-label units for emergency release Digi-Trax (info@digi-trax.com) has a PC Stand-Alone ISBT128 on-demand labeling system (HemaTrax-SA)
  14. Digi-Trax offers a 6 degree temperature indicator that you may want to try. Call us at 800-356-6126 or email us at info@digi-trax.com for more information.
  15. Amanda and I just spoke about the Zika issue. Please refer to her Monday response to Jenny Castle’s inquiry which is the answer on how to print the Zika label.
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