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  1. Liz


    Thank you for mentioning this important concept which few know of. I presented accommodation at the meeting to decide whether to transplant or not. The literature is limited on iABO KT with A2B and AB but sufficient. We will transplant. They considered this case ABO mismatched but compatible as anti-A1 is absent. May end up publishing they said. But I am just happy that he found a kidney. He is a young man and the live donor is his mum. Will keep you posted. Thank you.
  2. Liz


    Do the A subgroups act differently with regards to the probability of forming anti-A1?
  3. Liz


    Thank you, Malcolm
  4. An A(sub)B recipient is to receive a kidney from an AB donor. The recipient does not have anti-A1. He is most probably A2B but it has not been confirmed. Question: the probability that he forms anti-A1 is ~25% to 35%; what is the probability that the Anti-A1, if formed, will react at 37C?
  5. Thank you Cliff. Great idea. And especially thank you for this Forum. Happy New Year!
  6. Agree. Yes put the indicators (anywhere) but the annual mappred dosimetry is required and very reassuring when it returns, it will help you adjust the time if need be,
  7. WOW!!!!! Can you tell me the brand and was it (the microwave) in the 25,000$ or 15,000$ range. How long does the Helmer take to thaw 4 units? and the big one to thaw 8 unit one? anyone? Thanks Terri, I am getting more and more encouraged. It is on our next fiscal year budget...but hehehe I budgeted it 25,000$ Is it the Canadian Ark? Thank you
  8. Thanks for all the useful answers, looking too to replace or backup the thawers
  9. Is it possible that the 11/3 samples wer not his? What drugs is / was s/he given? any steroids, immunsupresssants, etc ? Was s/he transfused in the meantime and the Ab diluted and cannot be detected. ..... Check these first.
  10. First do not replace; repair and keep the old one as the backup once the new one comes in. Or as said above use them in parallel so both are QC'd and ready. Or if you are super lucky to get 2 new ones then keep the old one in its best shape and as a backup. Only let it go when it dies and the Medical Engineers declares it dead or says that the manufacturer stopped making spare parts or that the spare part is more expensive than a NEW thawer. Other than that I would like to ask David where you got the microwave from. They used to be from Canada at 25,000$ the last time I checked. I have one f
  11. Thank you that is wow!!! so in real life it must be something. And to think the it was painted lying down, what a brain and vision!!
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