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  1. P9022 is the billing code for Washed Red Blood Cells. We use that and charge and irradiation fee (if needed) separately. From the AABB Billing Guide: P9022 Washed red blood cells unit
  2. I agree with discontinuing the K negative units. We have the same policy as Ensis01
  3. I would refer the insurance auditor to Medicare Claims Processing Manual Chapter 4, Section 231.7. It's right on CMS website. If your Med Exec committee and hospital policy was to crossmatch 6 units in preparation for that surgery, then that was the patient-specific preparation charges that can be billed. 231.7 - Billing for Unused Blood (Rev. 1487, Issued: 04-08-08, Effective: 04-01-08, Implementation: 04-07-08) When blood or blood products which the OPPS provider has collected in its own blood bank or received from a community blood bank are not used, processing and storage costs incurred by the community blood bank and the OPPS provider cannot be charged to the beneficiary. However, certain patient-specific blood preparation costs incurred by the OPPS provider (e.g., blood typing and cross-matching) can be charged to the beneficiary under Revenue Code Series 30X or 31X. Patient-specific preparation charges should be billed on the dates the services were provided.
  4. We do the same as AuntieS. We have it written into our procedure that if a female of child bearing age is weak D, we send for molecular with no additional order from the physician. This was approved by our med exec committee and is in our reflex testing protocol so we can charge the patient for it. We scan the results into EPIC
  5. Absolutely. We charge for every test performed working up a transfusion reaction. i.e Post transfusion DATP, repeat ABORh, ABSC and if positive, post DATG, DATC, ABID, pre DATG, DATC, and repeat crossmatching, etc.
  6. Thanks, I will try that. I have been asking around but have had no luck so far.
  7. We our own donor center and are experiencing an excess of plasma. We also discard a small percent of thawed plasma and HLA positive plasma. I was wondering if there were any companies that would purchase this type of products. Any information would be helpful. Thanks
  8. Congratulations! Well deserved!
  9. We issue O Positive for uncrossmatched male and female >50 right off the bat.
  10. We are also implementing this hopefully by February. Give me a call and we will discuss your questions. 215-955-1134
  11. We reached out to the trauma team and discussed with them. We discussed that we use non group platelets all the time, we studied the affects to these patients once we made the change in 2014 to present with no adverse concerns with the patient. When it was approved by trauma, it was made into our MTP protocol and emergency release protocol.
  12. We get prepooled from our outside suppliers so this has not happened in a very long time. However, when we used to get singles, there may have been times where we did not have enough of one type or the other. In those cases, we could mix pools. I think this is more unlikely in our current situation where prepools are readily available. We do not obtain single units anymore.
  13. I took the BB (ASCP). I had my MLT, went back to school for my bachelor's but had children and it took me 7 years. Rather than try to study for the whole MLS, I took the BB and C (because those were the two areas that I worked in directly) then took my SBB. For the BB (ASCP), if you work in the department and study the Technical Manual, you will be fine. The SBB is much more difficult! Hope that helps.
  14. Hi Everyone, Does anyone have a validation protocol for washing platelets in the Cobe 2991 Cell Processor? Any guidance is much appreciated!
  15. For those of you that your facility performs intrauterine transfusions as well as your facility preadmits fetus'. When you issue a PUBS, do you label with mom or fetus name and Medical Record #? Thanks!
  16. We consider Anti-DARA/CD-38 as a clinically INsignificant antibody. Computer will allow ISXM/ELXM if current ABSC is negative and AB is insignificant and the workup is complete with no other underlying clinically significant antibodies. We've had about 25 patients and transfused multiple times over the course of the year with no adverse events.
  17. If you give me your email address, I will forward you our process/equipment validation protocol. joy.gould@jefferson.edu
  18. Hi everyone, I have been requested to perform the above on a patient with clinical signs of hemolysis but DAT negative. I am having trouble finding a reference. How is the above performed?
  19. We do the same as EDibble. Also, if we do not get positive reactivity in all cells with solid phase as in your scenario of 1+ in one screening cell and negative in the others, we perform antibody identification to the extent possible using solid phase and other test methods as necessary (we have PEG and Gel backup). If all clinically significant antibodies can be ruled out, we call that unexplained and must perform XMAHG. We have had some of these antibodies turn into real clinically significant antibodies with subsequent draws. Also, while Immucor does appear to have "fixed" the problem they were experiencing earlier in the year, we just reported a problem with the newest lot that appears to be acting in the same fashion. Keeping our fingers crossed that it is not happening again!
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