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  1. Hello - wondering how everyone is submitting the annual blood establishment registration for 48 hours LVDS single step method for apheresed platelets? Our donor center collects apheresed platelets, samples at 48 hours post collection, and submits to our hospital Microbiology department for culture on the BacT Alert. After the initial culture is found to be negative for at least 12 hours, we label the apheresed platelets to expire on day 7. How should we register our platelets with the FDA? Is it line 11 "Platelets" with bacterial testing checked or is it line 13 "Platelets Extended Dating" with bacterial testing checked? Or should we not check "Bacterial Testing" since the culture is performed by the Microbiology department? Many thanks in advance for your assistance.
  2. Greetings - we are reviewing our billing practices for washed RBCs. I cannot find any P codes for washed RBCs outside of frozen/deglycerolized red blood cells. How are others billing for washing of RBC units? Is P9057 only a proper match if the product was frozen and deglycerolized? Many thanks in anticipation of your guidance.
  3. Our collection center currently uses the Povidone-Iodine Duo-Swab 2-step process for preparing the venipuncture site for blood donor collection. We use ChoraPrep as the secondary method for donors who are sensitive to iodine. Following our recent AABB inspection, our arm prep process using the Duo-Swab product was questioned because the phlebotomists were not allowing swab 1 and swab 2 to completely dry prior to proceeding to the next step. As we investigated this observation, we found that it can take anywhere from 2-3 minutes for swab 1 to dry, and a full 5 minutes for swab 2 to dry. We would like to find another product to use for arm prep that is a one step process - what product is being used in your blood donation collection center? Many thanks for your insights!
  4. If you do not filter at the bedside, how far ahead can the syringe aliquot be made? Can the syringe aliquot be stored in the refrigerator prior to transfusion?
  5. Hello, We use Epic and Softbank for Transfusion Services in our hospital. We are updating the ordering process for fresh frozen plasma to be based on the patient's weight instead of having the physician request a specific number of plasma units. Has anyone else created a similar workflow? We are struggling to create a process that identifies the appropriate number of FFP transfuse orders without creating a labor intensive work-around for the blood bank or nursing. Thank you kindly in advance for your guidance!
  6. Thank you both! How often are you changing the water with the Helmer devices? And what type of water do you use? Thank you kindly in advance.
  7. Hello, We are a Level I Trauma Center and we rely heavily on our ancient Thermogenesis plasma thawers. It is time to replace these devices, and I wonder if anyone can recommend models that they use and are happy with. Thank you kindly in advance.
  8. Greetings! Is anyone experiencing unacceptable residual leukocyte quality control for leukoreduced red cell units using the Terumo WB-RP product? We have increased our QC sample number from 10/month to 60/month now that we have the ability to use automated residual WBC testing, and are experiencing some unexplained QC failures. Thank you in advance for your feedback!
  9. Greetings! Can anyone point me to the regulatory information that dictates whether or not thawed fresh frozen plasma that has expired prior to transfusion is or is not able to be relabeled as recovered plasma and sold to a plasma broker? Thank you kindly in advance.
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