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Strange Inquiry.....

We have 3 AO (American Optics) microscopes.  2 are 20+ years old and one is 40+ years old.  Upper mgmt. is wanting us to determine "end of life" of our older equipment but for that we need to contact the manufacturer,  Does anyone know who the manufacturer is for these scopes?  I've searched but cannot find any indication that this company is even still in existence - and Olympus doesn't know anything.  Any help would be appreciated!

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If the model is discontinued and no parts are available for repairs, I'd say it has reached its 'end of life' - however I'll bet it will still work a long time after that before a part needs replaced (especially older, quality scopes). I can see 'end of life' for more complex or expensive equipment, but a microscope for blood bank is more of a minor equipment purchase. My 'new' scopes are student scopes that cost less than $500 and they work just fine for our purposes. 

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