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  1. Not sure what flying squad is but we have something similar at our hospital We call them Emergency Uncrossmatched RBC and have it located in the ED Trauma Bay and a few Surgical area. These units are stored in a constant temperature monitor system CimScan and also have a door alarm function that alert Blood Bank whenever it is open. RN are require to notified Blood Bank of any product usage and what blood type (O+ vs O=) based on gender. Like O= for female of child bearing age. If we do not receive any call within a few minute, we are require to call the charge RN to check in on the situation. Each of these prepared units have an Emergency Uncrossmatch allocation label along with a transfusion report form to chart the vital and and 2 FDA ply sheet that require the Physician signature acknowledging the risk/need for transfuse outweigh the risk of waiting for a type&screen completion. 1 sheet for patient chart and other sheet send back to Blood Bank for crossmatch later when T&S receive before sending it to medical director review.
  2. It definitely would be convenient to not have to retype. The whole process of receiving, saving and squeezing segment is quite time consuming. I usually do like 4 units per minute before any testing. Our blood bank can go through a hundred units everyday. We do not retype for licensed antigen typing from blood supplier... It was in discussion with our compliance last week that if a CAP/accredited transfusion service perform the typing, we do not necessary to retype during blood transfer. But those transfusion service had to be in our LIS system. While there have been no ABO discrepancy in all the thousands of unit I retype, there has been quite a few Rh discrepancy over the years. Especially for those weak D donor.
  3. Same thing happening in Chicago. We have 7 opening across all 3 shifts since this all started in March in our Blood Bank department for a level 1 trauma center. Other department is overrun too like molecular with all the covid testing and all their opening. Our max FTE is like 24 techs. And if any of our tech is in close contact to anyone with Covid, they cannot come back to work for 2 weeks with no symptom and negative testing. Luckily it only happen to 2-3 tech over the past 3 months. Everyone is really burnt out and we all easily pull like 20-40 hours OT weekly. They literally look like a zombie We manage to get a few temp agency and desperately in need for more but haven't gotten any. Agency contract is ending too and they not extending. Haven't gotten any new hire beside the batch pre-Covid and we are looking at a international one, pending on their work visa approval. And it is so busy everyday due to all the backlog surgery.
  4. We do not perform QC on our panel when they arrive and haven't gotten any issue with the inspection. We keep our expire panel of 10,16 and 20 cells for like 3-6 months to use for those rare rule in/out. Antigen typing is performed on selected cell that we trying to rule in/out for the specific antigen. Recently last year, we decide that panel expired within 1-3 months did not need to be antigen type but it is still a bit of a gray area. When in doubt, just antigen type for your peace of mind.
  5. For our procedure, we would perform a Cold Antibody Screen. If it is panreactive, then the patient is suspect to have a Cold Auto Antibody. We would only give electronic crossmatch. If it is selectively reactive, we would perform a cold panel to identify the cold antibody and give antigen negative for the clinically significant antibody. We used to do immediate spin crossmatch a few years back but it almost always positive due to the cold auto, which would reflex to full crossmatch. Our medical director changed the process.
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