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  1. radwan1411

    Thermo Fisher Cell Washer 3

    hi ksmith ,, regarding the thermo cw3 here in our section we have it for 6 month, we use it around 10 times/ day no problem at all unlike cw2 with the plastic rotor inside lots of problems with that one, id say 6 months are not enough to judge but it's doing well up to this moment.
  2. radwan1411

    contminated blood unit

    Discard the unit, to be on the safe side even if it's rare.if the doctor insists on transfusing it, do a quick bacterial detection kit.. and make sure that doc sign an emergency relasse form or any of your hospital form that indicate that he knows the risks
  3. Like your lab we do it manually the ebtering of result into the hospital information system, there were some mistakes in the past that has been resolved with second sample system, the rule we are using is two sample drawn by two sifferent nurses witg 30 mintues gap or more .. we are doing this until we interface the vision in the future
  4. radwan1411

    Gel and tube discrepancy in antibody screen

    Thats was in our laboratory policy as an indicator of quality control, for cap and aabb checklists, if there is a discripency as above there should be a corrective action after reaching to the result of the discripency
  5. radwan1411

    Gel and tube discrepancy in antibody screen

    Yes correct , 10 sample from each abo and rh, 5 negative ICT and 5 positive , 5 negative DCT and 5 positive , the both methods results must agree
  6. radwan1411

    Gel and tube discrepancy in antibody screen

    The ICT was done on the same donors twice not different donors and we do this two methods results comparison in our lab and compare the results every 6 months and we picked up on these donor this time the first donor case was resolved it was a cold antibody, I did a cold ICT using ortho surgiscreen on Reverse diluent cassette and patient sample with bliss no 37 incubation just room temprature incubtion and i was positive still resolving the second donor
  7. hello, guys i'm having an issue with an antibody screening results of the donors i had an issue with couple of donors the first one he's an O+ , on the gel it gave negative ICT, but in the tube method it gave a positive P3 , identification is negative on tube method second donor was positive on the gel method, he's an A- , and the tube ICT was negative , tube identification was negative bio rad reagent used in the tube method and ortho diagnostics in the gel what's the possible causes of these results thanks

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