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Transport or Storage?

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Is blood sent to the ED for traumas considered transport or storage? I thought it was storage since it might sit bedside up to 4 hours, but I'd read in another pathlabtalk thread that the FDA and AABB now said it was transport. I've been googling, but can't find any references to support it as transport. Our blood supplier said anything less than 24 hours is transport, but they haven't sent references yet either.

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It is up to your site to define what you are calling this (transport or storage) in an SOP and then follow the correct temps for what you defined.  As long as it is defined in a written procedure and you follow that procedure, regulatory agencies are happy.

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This was a hot topic about 2 yrs ago.  The FDA came out and said that storage in blood boxes/coolers is considered storage NOT transport.  AABB/CAP might be mollified, I don't think the feds will think twice about a 483.  Unless you are putting the product in a BB refrig.

Check out posts from Feb, 2016

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went looking for history posts on this topic.

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