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Hi All

Female patient not childbearing age with historical A POS no antibodies detected subsequently multi transfused.

After transfusion of 2 x O NEG units a week later a sample tested no antibodies detected by IAT however cross-match request was performed by IAT and both units were positive

Further testing

DAT +1 and panel cells enzyme ONLY reactive +2 with R1R1 cells and the rest of the panel cell reactions +4

ABO reverse grouping showed A cells +2 (conclusion therefore possible A subtype with a no specific antibody or reaction with cde in reverse grouping reagents due to an anti-c)

Reference Lab Results 

Non specific anti-E and anti-c detected in enzyme IAT, DAT IgG 1+

As multi transfusion advise was cross-matching group O E-c-K- red cells

Genotyping results to follow.


Would anyone agree with the reactions with the reverse grouping agents and if they have seen this was the anti-c detected been by IAT/and or Enzyme  





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The reverse grouping red cells in the UK often react with an anti-c.

I would be happy (on the evidence you give) to transfuse c-, E-, K- cross-match compatible blood.

As you KNOW that the patient is group A, I would ignore the bit about giving group O blood, which is totally over the top.


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9 hours ago, Eagle Eye said:

Was elution done? Anti-c may be IgM!

(we do see this when reverse cells giving discrepancy due to (mostly) cells being M+/Lea+/Leb+ , some time c+.

Interesting about Lea+Leb+. The eluate was negative 

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