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Antigen Typing Alternate Proficiency

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Hello All,

For CAP, what is everyone doing for Antigen Typing Alternate Proficiency testing? For my facility, CAP says an alternative assessment is required for this. Would the ungraded part of the J-A where we actually do antigen typing suffice for this requirement as long as our % is >98%?

Side Note: I'm a newbie BB Tech Spec that will take any and all advice, recommendations, helpful hints, suggestions, and words of wisdom. Also, feel free to send cookies :)

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On 9/15/2017 at 4:32 PM, pinktoptube said:

I'll have to look into it. We do not stock all antisera for antigen typing. 

There is an option to check 'reagent not available' for the antisera you don't stock.

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The RBCAT survey is not required. The CAP Master Activity List does not include antigen typing as a test requiring CAP approved survey materials, so alternate PT methods are acceptable.

Here is the checklist requirement:


**REVISED** 08/21/2017

COM.01500 Alternative Performance Assessment Phase II

For tests for which CAP does not require proficiency testing (PT), the laboratory at least semi-annually exercises an alternative performance assessment system for determining the reliability of analytic testing.

NOTE 1: Appropriate alternative performance assessment procedures include participation in an external PT program not required by CAP; participation in an ungraded/educational PT program; split sample analysis with referral or other laboratories, split sample analysis with an established in-house method, use of assayed materials, clinical validation by chart review, or other suitable and documented means. It is the responsibility of the laboratory director to define such alternative assessment procedures and the criteria for successful performance in accordance with good clinical and scientific laboratory practice.

NOTE 2: For in situ hybridization testing and other complex molecular and sequencing-based tests (including but not limited to microarray-based tests, multiplex PCR-based tests, and next generation sequencing-based tests), alternative assessment may be performed by method or specimen type rather than for each analyte or tested abnormality. For tests such as allergen testing, alternative assessment may be performed in batches of analogous tests.

NOTE 3: Semiannual alternative performance assessment must be performed on tests for which external PT is not available.

NOTE 4: This checklist requirement applies to both waived and nonwaived tests. The list of analytes for which CAP requires enrollment and participation in a CAP-accepted PT program is available on the CAP website [http://www.cap.org/] through e-LAB Solutions Suite under CAP Accreditation Resources, Master Activity Menu Reports. Also, the inspection packet includes a report with this information for each laboratory section/department.

Evidence of Compliance:

List of tests defined by the laboratory as requiring alternative assessments AND

Records of those assessments


 The Master Activity page is attached. Only items with the ** require CAP approved PT materials.




CAP Master Activity Menu Page.png

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We used to use the J survey, but dropped it to only do the JAT survey. It was too crazy last year when J, JAT, and DAT surveys kept dropping at the same time. We will do split samples between our local network blood banks instead. 

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