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Automated pipettes


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I am in the market for new pipettes to use with my MTS-gel system. I currently have 2 old Tipmaster pipettes that Ortho sold us with the gel system.

I have seen a brochure on the Ovation Vista adjustable pipette. It looks pretty cool and is ergonomically correct, which would be great for one of my techs who has a little bit of arthritis.

Is anyone using this? If so, how do you like it?

I am also considering the Biohit, but I have seen some bad reviews of this one (breaks down too soon) and it's more expensive than the Ovation and the Tipmaster.



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I've used all three.  The ID-Tipmaster is rock solid, but requires cleaning and may cause ergonomic issues.  The BioHit is great to use, but glitchy, wouldn't recommend it.  The Ovation is good so far, just started using it.  Easy to use, comfortable in the hand.

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