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Hi fellow lab geeks


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Hi everyone! So glad I found this site. I am 45 yo but new to this field. I have learned tons at our facility since we are a level I trauma center....one of only 3 in the state! Love my job....other things are defintely lacking.....but I guess all cant be perfect! I do have a question to start off with.....does anyone know in the state of NJ if there is a state regulation for how many MTs must be employed in a blood bank? I seem to be having trouble with this question. The AABB has no specific criteria.....was just wondering if the state does. 

Looking forward to reading tons of great insight!!

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I do not have a state specific anwer for your question.  As you have stated, there are not any specifications per AABB,  Best bet would be to look to the agency that used to be NCCLS (drawing a blank this morning as to the new name) for suggestions.  Looking at workload from a patient safety standpoint should give you a good balance in staffing.

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Welcolm Bethella.

if you are looking for comparison data on staffing, you may want to unofficially survey nearby hospitals and find out how they staff thier BBs, taking into consideration work volumes, trauma frequency, etc; as well as the type of staff (dedicated BBers vs. generalists).

I don't think you will find any recommendations, either from the AABB, FDA or the garden state officials, regarding staffing, other than certification requirements.


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Welcome to the site, you will love it here.  


In my MANY years in the field the decision as to how many staff members you have working in the Blood Bank.  Lots of things play into this decision.  Do you have automation, since you are a trauma center you are no doubt busy on all shifts.


As a manager I was always looking at the famous "productivity standard", a number some bean counter pulled out of "thin air"


Skill level, level of BB expertise, years of experience all play into staffing.  So as you can see there really isn't one answer.  Deny's suggestion is good but you should pull in your director before making any decisions and settling on an number that may not be adequate bench coverage and overstaffing is not good either.


Good luck, check back often there is lots of good info on this site.  

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Hi bethella. Good to have you with us.

I don't know about New Jersey in particular, but I have never heard of any regulations that state a requirement for the number of Medical Technologists/ Clinical Laboratory Scientists that a Blood Bank must employ.


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