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Anyone have any experience with OCTAPLAS - Pooled Plasma S/D (Human) ? 

Our hospital pharmacy is inquiring as to whether it should be handled by them (pharmacy) or by the transfusion service/blood bank. 

If you handle it in the blood bank do you have it set up in your computer systems same as an FFP and do you know the Product code for it? The example unit (see attachment) that I saw had a face label "similar" to an FFP but without the corresponding product codes so would we have to reprint a face label and relabel the stored frozen product? What about the thawed product? 



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Unless the pharmacy is going to pay attention to ABO and Rh,  I would think this belongs in the transfusion service.  Their computer system probably isn't set up to worry about such things :).  And please do not give AB plasma to everyone. This is one of the oldest but most dangerous concepts in transfusion medicine. AB plasma is associated with increased bleeding, sepsis, lung injury and mortality when given to group O patients, for example.  ABO identical is by far the most effective and safest when plasma must be transfused.  Happy to provide references. There is no universal plasma, contrary to dogma and long practice.

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At my facility, the pharmacy and the Blood Bank collaborated in obtaining, storing, thawing, labeling and issuing the product. We did not have a standalone printer to create modification labels and our BB LIS considered it to be a pharmaceutical product.  Pharmacy ordered the product after the patient's ABO type was available, shipped it to the BB for storage and thawing. Once thawed, the pharmacy picked up the product(s) and labeled the modified product and issued it to the patient infusion area.  Fortunately, this has only come up twice in the last 8 years.

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We've had it for a couple of studies, but we don't routinely stock it.

We have SafeTrace Tx.  

I built a new product type for solvent detergent treated plasma.  That prevents anyone from filling an octaplas order with regular plasma and vice versa.

The product code for the pictured product is X0003.  It will change to X0007 when it is thawed.

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