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  1. I just had to share this story...When I worked in a large teaching hospital we had a team of Transfusion Nurses who were responsible for drawing most samples and administering the transfusions. Occasionally, however, physicians (or interns/residents) would draw the samples. One afternoon we received an unlabeled sample drawn by a physician via courier. We contacted the physician and informed him a new sample would have to be drawn. He said he would come to the transfusion service and label it right away. We told him that was unacceptable, however, he insisted. While he was on his way, we put t
  2. I am an adjunct faculty at a local community college. We are offering a Blood Bank Theory Review course beginning in August. The course is a semester long and is available in a web-based format. Would promoting this opportunity on this site be within the guidelines of the forum? The course is a 2 credit course for which students would have to pay tuition. This course is designed for MLT or MTs who feel the need to review the theory of clinical blood banking. We need at least 10 students to have the class proceed and I thought this might be a good way to get the word out. Thank you
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