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  1. We used to perform only those cords from O mothers, Rh negative mothers, and mothers with significant antibodies. The optimal phrase is used to. We had a neonatologist that pitched a fit and went to administration, and long story short we now do ALL cord bloods.
  2. You could just southern engineer a probe with a diluent pickup probe and some flexible tubing from your hematology department. In fact the some hematology analyzers have a diluent pickup that is exactly like that, they even have a metal band on the end to keep it at the bottom of the cube of diluent.
  3. New account number, new visit, new type and screen.
  4. I have had mine for about 6 or 7 years, and have always used deionized water. Plus I drain and refill monthly unless it needs to be done more often.
  5. Another vote to do a short and sweet validation, better safe than a deficiency later on an inspection.
  6. immucor gives you a wonderful validation guide and forms for your validation, guess they want to reduce the headaches.
  7. we use the tried and true method that we have always used, paper 2 part tag attached with a plastic attaching device that cannot be removed without cutting or breaking.
  8. When I do an antigen typing on a patient that also has a crossmatch, I crossmatch the units at the same time as I do my Antigen typing
  9. everyone should think about how important this is, rechecks and everything. case in effect the nurse in the London Heart Hospital whose patient died because of a unit of incompatible packed cells.
  10. This is the same policy that we follow, although we do allow the patient physician to check also. Plus, I only allow RN's, MD's, and the anesthesia techs from the Heart OR to pick it up, in my opinion if they can't transfuse it they should not pick it up (minus the anesthesia techs).
  11. We do not, not a true antibody.
  12. I think that it is a piece of expensive junk. I am trying to get our biomed to kill it so that I can order a helmer washer. I have already gotten a quote and it is actually cheaper to go with the Helmer rather than the Sorvall, and the Helmer is a much better quality instrument.
  13. Same here as Jeanne. I order a "baby unit" from our supplier, and they sterile dock 6 aliquot bags to the mother unit. If I find that I will not be using the unit for babies, at 14 days I remove the aliquot bags and transfer it to my stock to be used for adults.
  14. used to use them, but too big a pain in the keister. they have to be activated to 38 prior to use to activate the irreversible "flower". I now use the digitrax bt-10.
  15. This is a no charge test at our facility.
  16. Been using it for about 4 years now, and still no.
  17. Issue until the specimen expires. Pretty much that same as everyone else.
  18. no, we issue by group and all the red cell products are grouped as packed cells, plasma products as plasma, etc. makes it so much easier this way.
  19. I don't know about the Mesa system, but stay away from Freshlock it is a horrible system for many various reasons.
  20. My day shift (normally me) does the QC on the Echo, and the Evening/night techs do the rack QC, and since they sometimes alternate their shifts, everyone gets a chance to do the QC/maintenance.
  21. We perform cord blood workups on EVERY baby born here. For the longest time we did the workups on all babies then it was decided that we would only do it on babies with O moms and babies with Rh negative moms, then out of the blue the neonatologist that pushed the limited testing decided that he needed ALL babies again so he pushed his agenda thru the MEC and suddenly we are doing ALL babies again. Our cord workup consists of a ABO/Rh and DAT. If the DAT is positive, a heelstick is performed on the baby for repeat DAT (including IgG). If the repeat is still positive and the mother has a significant antibody, we do a Lui Freeze elution (but those are few and far between).
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