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  1. We are using <2% for wasted, and <3% for outdated (all products). This is the first year I've set a threshold. I wasn't able to find information, so I looked back at what was wasted/expired over the last few years to set the threshold.
  2. We are using Sebra 1040 blood mixers in our donor center. The Sebras are all over 10 years old and are no longer supported. I am looking for new mixers. I am interested in what other donor centers are using, if you like them and how often they need to be repaired. We collect about 800 whole blood donors a year.
  3. I am in the process of updating our Transfusion Reaction Workup procedure. The current procedure is divided into 2 phases. Phase 1 testing consists of a clerical check, DAT (Pre and Post), visual examination of patients serum, ABORh retype of post-transfusion specimen and a visual examination of the unit and any solutions hanging with it. If there are no clerical errors, visual inspection is okay, DATs are negative, and there is no drastic change in the serum/plasma we are to call nursing/physician with results and additonal units of blood may be issued for transfusion. An administrator (fresh from a presentation of JACHO surveys) wants a statement added to the procedure stating the transfusion cannot be restarted unless the Medical Director approves. ????? I am looking for clarification about why the Medical Director would need to approve additonal transfusions if everything is negative. (I think the physican should decide if additonal units should be transfused.) If there are any errors detected, DATs are positive, or post transfusion is icteric/hemolyzed we would proceed with phase 2 of testing, notify the nurse and/or physician immediatly, and notify the blood bank senior tech or Laboratory Medical Director. The Medical Director/Pathologist review all transfusion reaction workups. Thank you for your input!
  4. We have an emergency release form the physician signs anytime product is issued prior to testing being completed. We also have a "Deviation from Standard Operating Procedure" policy that spells out when the Medical Director/Patholigist needs notified. The senior techs involvement depends on the experience/comfort level of the technologist. We are encourged to call her if there are any questions. Any time an emergency release form is completed we also fill out an occurence report to document what happened.
  5. We are to do a Blood Administration audit quarterly. Pretransfusion, patient and componenet identification, administration techniques and monitering, and dispostion. We do audits of the returned transfusion tags, and transfusion consents also.
  6. Thank you, now I just need to figure out why that topic did not come up when I searched....
  7. We are in the process of updating our crossmatch procedure. I am wondering what the policies are at other Blood Banks if an Anti-M reacting at AHG is detected. Do you give extended crossmatch compatible or antigen negative? Also, what is the procedure if the Anti-M only reacts at immediate spin? We appreciate the info, thank you!
  8. wellspl


    Hi! I am an MLT with 15 years Blood bank experience at a community hospital. I am married with a 6 year old son. I work part time and am taking classes for a BS in Clinical Laboratory Science so I will be eligible to apply for a supervisory position. I can not tell you how happy I am to have found this site! As I've looked through the various posts I can tell there is a wealth of knowledge and experience available here. Thank you all in advance!
  9. What is the minimum number of specimens (positive and negative) we need to test for validation?
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