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  1. yan xia

    group O RBCs for non O neonates

    I think washed out the plasma and freed K+ is safer to newborn, and it is not too expensive, just 20 yuan more than the packed cells. And if do the anti-A, B titre in the packed cells is also time consuming and money consuming. Just my personal opinion.
  2. yan xia

    group O RBCs for non O neonates

    How about give them the washed RBCs?
  3. Maybe choloroquine phosphate can help to remove the IgG antibodies on the cells surface. And heat elution (45 degree C 15 min or 56 degree C 10 min) can do some help to remove IgG antibodies, but not as effective as to IgM antibodies.
  4. yan xia

    saline and diluent

    yes, it can. Because the PH of the salin is in larger span than the diluent which maybe PBS .And the reaction's best PH is in the diluent.
  5. yan xia

    contminated blood unit

    I think we'd better drop it as wast or wait until there is time to test it.
  6. yan xia


    why the frozen/thawed AB plasma not react with the treated cells?
  7. We usually do test a specimen when we admit a patient the blood type, then inpute the result into the computer, where through network the doctor can see the result.When they ask for blood , they will write the first blood type result on the sheet, then we will recheck it through a new specimen for transfusion crossmatch. Sometimes the first result is wrong due to wrongly specimen collection or other reasons, but most of the time it is right, and through this kind of process, we can find out the D neg blood type early( which is rare in Chinese Han people) and AB subgroup blood early before the blood application.
  8. yan xia

    DAT and IAT

    Have this patient been transfused ? If it had, then maybe the allogentibodies coated with transfused cells, then caused the pos DAT, which would show mixed field . Or the autoantidies are weak, they can only coated with red cells, no free autoantibodies showed on the circulation, then they will not interfere with the crossmatch and screen.
  9. yan xia

    neonatal transfusion

    you said the baby is AB type, so the A or B donor must be washed. Because the plasma will react with the red cells of the baby's.
  10. yan xia

    neonatal transfusion

    1.I prefer to use O washed blood cells for neonate less than 4 month old 2.one donor 3. one donor is best, but it kind of difficult to do , since the plasma after thawing has shorter shelf life than red cells components
  11. yan xia

    Help with ABO Group

    I prefer to call it an A subgroup. Maybe some human anti-A can do help, since it is polyclonal, not monoclone as our reagent anti-A.
  12. The patient received 1250ml o neg packed cells , after the last transfusion, the D antigen buzztest of this patient was 4+, where was the transfused cells? Have it been destroyed by the antibodies? sorry for my dizzy buzz after the night shift. I have noticed the initial Gel test result is D 4+ which is the same as the after 23 days test in Gel.
  13. yan xia

    Can leuko-reduce prevent GVHD

    I guess irradiation can inactivate the lymphocytes, but not deprave the antigens it takes, so it can not replace leukoreduction.
  14. yan xia

    e and C titer

    Maybe you can adsorb the anti-e with ccee cells, then to see if there are still reaction with Ce cells, then you can figure out if there are anti-C here.
  15. yan xia

    ABO incompatibility

    Thank you very much for the explanation. Just a little confusion how do the Ca++, Mg++ and Mn++ ions infect the agglutination? does it because the complements can enhance agglutination or because the complements caused haemolysis is a sign of ABO mis-match?

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