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  1. If the patient has received transfusion, the transfused antigens pos cells can cause the autocontrol mixed field positive, and when the antibodies are against some low prevalence antigens, then the reaction with screening cells and donor cells can get a neg reaction. Or some drug induced antibodies can cause this kind of reaction because they are drug dependent.
  2. yan xia

    Questionable blood types

    Sorry, I am stubborn as for this major, I guess I have caused noise here. If the reverse type show antibody then it is ok, why would we call 2+ or more to be normal and less to be weak and then to invest it? For ABweak patients, I still think it is safe to transfuse them with AB plasma, even they have their anti-B ,but the anti-B is not the same as O and A people's, it is not react with its own B antigens, but the transfused anti-B can, that is why the weak B antigen can be detected with some strengthen method. We will identify this kind of weak antigen with add more serum ,4 degree C incubation or adsorption/elution test, not genotype it, which is not so expensive.
  3. yan xia

    Questionable blood types

    I totally agree with you about the transfusion, galvania. And I think we should call it AB subgroup if there are weak B antigens, rather than A group, because sometimes they will need plasma and something contains plasma.
  4. yan xia

    Questionable blood types

    In the case of ABel, the forward typing is not shown B antigens, and reverse typing with weaken anti-B.
  5. yan xia

    Questionable blood types

    This is my understanding, maybe it is not correct, just want to share it here, and correction is always welcomed. If the reverse typing is weak than 2+, it means the immediate spin result, the antiboies are weaker than normal, subgroup or weaken antiglobulin. Even we incubate or change the reaction temperature or add more serum, it shows 2+ or stronger reaction, it is still weaker than normal typing( not so exactly, because my Enligh is not good). Can we call it normal when we incubate or 4 degree C treaction 2+, no. These are just ways to strengthen the reaction. Which is somehow like we do weak D test, can we call it normal D when we get pos result in anti-antiglobulin test.
  6. yan xia

    Questionable blood types

    I agree with you if transfusing RBCs, on the other hand, plasma transfusion, I think it is safe to test if the weak B antigens exist or not.
  7. yan xia

    Questionable blood types

    I would add more antisera and/ or incubate the forward test at 4 degree C to see if there are B antigens here, if negative then adsorption and elution on the forward B antigens to see if it is existed. The most important thing as Malcolm mentioned above keep a group O cell as negative control. If all the above tests are all neg, then I will call it A type with weaken anti-B.
  8. Sir

    would you please send me a copy of the PPT , this is my email address shilysunny@foxmail.com

    thank you very much

  9. yan xia

    group O RBCs for non O neonates

    I think washed out the plasma and freed K+ is safer to newborn, and it is not too expensive, just 20 yuan more than the packed cells. And if do the anti-A, B titre in the packed cells is also time consuming and money consuming. Just my personal opinion.
  10. yan xia

    group O RBCs for non O neonates

    How about give them the washed RBCs?
  11. Maybe choloroquine phosphate can help to remove the IgG antibodies on the cells surface. And heat elution (45 degree C 15 min or 56 degree C 10 min) can do some help to remove IgG antibodies, but not as effective as to IgM antibodies.
  12. yan xia

    saline and diluent

    yes, it can. Because the PH of the salin is in larger span than the diluent which maybe PBS .And the reaction's best PH is in the diluent.
  13. yan xia

    contminated blood unit

    I think we'd better drop it as wast or wait until there is time to test it.
  14. yan xia


    why the frozen/thawed AB plasma not react with the treated cells?
  15. We usually do test a specimen when we admit a patient the blood type, then inpute the result into the computer, where through network the doctor can see the result.When they ask for blood , they will write the first blood type result on the sheet, then we will recheck it through a new specimen for transfusion crossmatch. Sometimes the first result is wrong due to wrongly specimen collection or other reasons, but most of the time it is right, and through this kind of process, we can find out the D neg blood type early( which is rare in Chinese Han people) and AB subgroup blood early before the blood application.

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