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    • By MARINA
      We just had an API AFB survey where the specimen was put on the back of the slide... Not the labeled side. After the staining process, the specimen circle didn’t take on any color and nothing would come in focus. I stained the other side and sure enough, positive!!!! API’s response, is we should notice where the specimen is regardless of the labeling!
    • By Eagle Eye
      Per the CAP requirement, highlighted items are added. We are using very small label with SOFTBANK which has minimum requirement. (first four items)
      How is everyone complying with below requirement.
      1) Are you changing your label size?   Thanks

    • By Sherie Bruns
      Do the Blood Bank refrigerator and freezer have to be externally monitored outside of the blood bank?  The lab is staffed 24/7 and able to respond to the freezer or refrigerator alarm.  Does security or the Emergency Department have to also externally monitor these alarms?  Are there any CAP or AABB standards, or does the FDA require this?  Just wondering since it seems to be redundant, and we have an older freezer which may be difficult to hook up.
    • By heathervaught
      I need some guidance!  I did a quick search of the forums for any discussion about this, and the most current posting was in 2010.  I'm wondering if anyone has any new information, new experiences, or any advice about CAP TRM.40120.  The note states "...all analysts participate in QC on a regular basis."
      How frequently is "regular"?  For example, when I was looking to complete our annual Competency assessment in September (don't ask...), I was looking for evidence that each individual who performs MTS testing had performed MTS QC.  There were some employees who had not performed MTS QC yet in 2016.  I'm inclined to say that someone who hasn't performed QC in at least 8+ months is not participating in QC on a regular basis.  Being new to my role, I'm just not sure how the assessors interpret this standard, and how others provide evidence of compliance. 
    • By DPruden
      My interpretation of these two standards is that eye protection must be made available and instruction on proper use must be given to all the techs.  But not that goggles/glasses must be worn at all times in a clinical laboratory regardless of the risk of splash/spatter/aerosol formation. 
      Do your facilities require that techs wear eye protection at all times or only when performing tasks that have a high risk for exposure?  Thanks!
      GEN.74100: Appropriate personal protective equipment (gloves, gowns, masks and eye protectors, etc.) is provided and maintained in a sanitary and reliable condition in all technical work areas in which blood and body substances are handled and in circumstances during which exposure is likely to occur.
      GEN.74200: Personnel are instructed in the proper use of personal protective clothing/equipment (e.g. gloves, gowns, masks, eye protectors, footwear) and records are maintained.
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