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Hi all,

I admittedly have been absent from these forums for an extended period of time.  It's good to see some familiar names on here!  It's equally good to see some new names on here as well. 

I was was just reading through a forum and saw some posts that involved name calling and general disrespectful behavior.  While I appreciate a good debate and a witty discussion of relevant topics, I find neither of those actions as fueling intelligent conversation.  I considered calling out this individual in the forum, but then discovered that there was a way to report the post to the administrator.  If you also feel that these comments are detrimental to furthering productive discourse, I would encourage you to use the Report feature.  We, as a community, do not need to tolerate such behavior.

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Hmmmmm.  Must have been in one of the sections I don't frequent!  I've never seen any discussions that I thought had crossed the line but then my line is pretty broad.  I think it speaks well of our community if this is the first I've heard of such a problem here and I have been here quite some time.  :abduction:

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