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  1. Does anyone reading this thread know of blood banks who are AABB accredited but not CAP? We are accredited by both at present, and I don't want to turn loose of the AABB prestige. My Lab Director is still looking for ways to cut costs. Does it make sense to have AABB accreditation without CAP?
  2. We have purchased a Vision, and this would be really helpful information to us also.
  3. We have experienced very weak, diffuse reactivity with Selectogen I, Lot VS981, exp: 01/03/2017. We just began them using last week, and right out of the box, we are having repeated problems with the first screening cell. We opened a new set, with the same results. I called Ortho on Friday, answered questions and followed up on suggestions. We have had problems in the past, but not with a brand new shipment. We use only manual gel right now, but are hoping to get a Vision soon. This does not bode well for that encounter!
  4. Frenchie, Your post has been the first reply to this topic. It doesn't seem to be a very widespread issue.
  5. So proud of you Heather! A bright, hard working lady in a top notch organization. Congratulations!!
  6. Great question, and something many of us are concerned about. That being said, I have no idea.
  7. FDA has recently approved an autologous product called Provenge for treatment of men with prostate cancer. Blood is collected from the patient by leukapheresis, "primed" to instruct the immune system to attack cancer cells, and reinfused to the patient. With that background, this is my question. I have urology and oncology nurses asking me for advice, since this is an "autologous blood product". Evidently the reactions that some patients have to this product are very similar to transfusion reactions. Should the reactions be reported as such, or what group has oversight of this product and potential for management of reactions? Does anyone have experience with this product? Thanks for any input!
  8. I LOVE IT!! Especially the light bulb effect. A stroke of genius!!
  9. Yeah Heather!!!! You go girl!
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