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Ortho 0.8% Surgiscreen Inconclusive Reactions (VSS517)


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We've contacted the manufacturer but I was curious if any of you out there were seeing this same occurrence and if anyone had identified any sort of trend at your own facility. "Strong" 1-2+ reactions on the 2 cell with negative panels. We've had maybe a dozen of this sort with the lot.

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We don't have that lot, however one of the other facilities in our system has been complaining about cell 2. We have VSS518 and have had several of this type of reaction with cell 1 (Mi(a+). Seems kind of strange.

Actually, DOGLOVER, that is not as strange as you may think. Quite often, antibodies directed against low-incidence antigens are considerably more common than the frequency of the low-incidence antigens found in the population. For example, we had an Lu:+6 red cell on one of our panels not too long ago (a very rare cell), and yet we identified something like 10 or 12 plasma samples that contained anti-Lu6 in the three weeks that the panel was in use - and that was only in one of our 8 Reference Laboratories.

In addition, once someone has made an antibody directed against a low-incidence antigen, they appear to make a whole "soup" of such antibody specificities. It is probable that they don't produce multi-specific antibodies, but produce antibodies that cross-react with epitopes on red cells that are very similar to those that are actually present on the index antigen, but the effect is the same (if you see what I mean).

It could be, therefore, goodchild, that your panel cells are also expressing an unknown or unidentifed low-incidence antigen, and exactly the same is happening in your establishment. I am not saying that is what actually is happening; I am only putting it forward as one possible explanation.

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