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Transfusion of DAT+ units safety?

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A few references you might find of interest:

Management of Blood Donors and Blood Donations From Individuals Found to Have a Positive Direct Antiglobulin Test. Transfusion Medicine Reviews 2012. Volume 26, Issue 2,  Pages 142-152,

Garratty G. The significance of IgG on red cell surface. Transfus Med Rev. 1987;1:47–57.

Petz LD, Garratty G. Immune Haemolytic Anaemias. 2nd ed. Philadelphia, PA: Churchill Livingstone; 2004.

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In the UK, NHSBT stopped performing a DAT routinely on donor units some time ago (when I was still working).  If a unit was found to be DAT positive through, for example, an incompatible cross-match, and the unit was returned to the supplier, the unit was tested, and then discarded, and the hospital reimbursed.  If considered necessary, the donor's GP was informed.

However, of course, it is almost certain that many DAT positive units were not discovered, and were transfused to a patient as a result of electronic issue.  I have NEVER heard of a patient having any serious clinical sequalae as a result of this practice.

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