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Blood bank qualifications, certification and transferability


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Am I correct is saying that having the MLS ASCP certification and being an active member will allow you to be eligible for licensure (if appropriate) and work in all states in the USA?

Blood-bankers from many countries contribute to the discussions on this site. I have always assumed, but am curious to know if every country has a certification requirement for working in a blood-bank or are there several different pathways available?

Also how transferable are these different qualifications between countries, ignoring the visa requirements? I am guessing that at least some countries have agreements.

Thanks for any input

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One exception may be New York. They require you to take an exam regardless of whether you have already passed the registry exam,  if I am not mistaken. Needless bureaucracy and an absurd imposition on individual's rights to practice their profession.  In the face of a real shortage of medical technologists both statewide and nationally.

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California requires a physics course with lab that not all people with BS in a biologic science have taken.  They also require a full year of post graduate training as a CLS (clinical laboratory scientist) and you must pass an online CA quiz related to CA law mostly.  Here's the link:  https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/OSPHLD/LFS/Pages/CLS.aspx


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