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Blood bank bands/ Typenex bands

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Hello, who still uses blood bank bands like typenex? If you don’t use them what HIS do you use? Do you scan the blood and patient band for positive ID? If you don’t have that capability do you feel confident that staff is using 2 nurse Id protocol? We will be getting rid of our bands soon but I am very concerned and need some reassurance that other blood banks are doing this as well. Thanks!

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     At my main job we still use bands. At my second job, we don't. If you do 2 types on the patient with 2 different specimens, two different nurses or phlebotomist drawing, and using positive patient ID, it should cover it. I still like bands. At my one job we use Epic with SoftBank for Blood Bank. At the other job, we have Cerner. They both have positive patient ID. Can nurses be trusted with just PPID. I don't trust that since on my second job I have the heme person come over for me to type specimens since the answers were really different. Supposedly they both use PPID but they were 2 different ABO/Rh when I typed it for them. SO do I trust nurses, not really.

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Kerry BB - We are an Epic/SoftBank facility since October 2016. There is a small group of use on the Epic Userweb. We have moved away from blood bands and to Epic bands except in the areas where the patient is drawn without receiving an Epic band. This occurs in outlying satellite labs. There we use an Epic band.

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