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  1. Thanks for the reply! We will be going like with Epic and Soft Bank in November so I will feel more confident when we have that.
  2. Hello, who still uses blood bank bands like typenex? If you don’t use them what HIS do you use? Do you scan the blood and patient band for positive ID? If you don’t have that capability do you feel confident that staff is using 2 nurse Id protocol? We will be getting rid of our bands soon but I am very concerned and need some reassurance that other blood banks are doing this as well. Thanks!
  3. Hello, can I get a census of what you all do for banding patients and what you require for unique identification? Do any of you that don't require the blood bank band (typenex or other) for inpatients require them for outpatients?
  4. Hello, the glass thermometer broke on our plasma thawer but it has the digital thermometer still and we can see the temp right on the front of it. Do I need to replace the thermometer or is the digital read good enough? It will alarm if the temp is too high or too low, I don't really see the use in the thermometer that just gets in our way and will most likely break again- its a boekel plasma thawer. TIA for your input!
  5. So we do have to spin IgG cards multiple times because we don't always use the whole card while testing so I know it is okay to spin them multiple times. My real concern is that when I have seen rejected cards it is because there is gel up where it shouldn't be, or something I cannot see is it ok to spin them and see if the vision will accept? I hadn't been told that I could do that by Ortho when I have called to let them know we had this issue so I was wondering if it was common practice in other labs and I just didn't know about it yet. Thank you for your feedback
  6. Thank you! I have been reporting this to Ortho, and have been getting credit for the cards.
  7. Hello, my lab just went live with the Ortho Vision. We have noticed that it rejects a lot of IgG cards for various reasons. One of the techs also works with this analyzer at a different hospital and suggested that we spin the cards down and then put them back on the analyzer. I have never heard of this practice. Does anyone else do this?
  8. I just started at a lab that does not have a clear transfusion reaction workup protocol. I would like to get a checklist together for the techs and the nursing staff so we can all be on the same page, does anyone else do that? Does anyone use an order set that automatically orders DAT, UA, Bilirubin, or Haptoglobin etc... when a transfusion reaction is expected or do you leave it up to the docs to order as they see fit?
  9. Thank you for replying! We have the appropriate code for the Thawed plasma. My main concern was if the FDA registration number should remain. Thank you for your help.
  10. Hello all! My facility has just now gone to 5 day thawed plasma. I am just starting as the BB supervisor here as well and I am unsure of what is supposed to be on the ISBT label for the 5 day. It is my understanding after researching that 5 day plasma is not a FDA licensed product. Should the FDA registration number and US license number print on the label for the plasma after it is thawed or should we remove that information? Also, what kind of validations did you do in your IS systems when changing from 24 hr to 5 day? I appreciate any help I can get with this, Thank you!
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