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    Hi again

    Hi again, I forgot whether I have introduced myself before, but I will just think about it as my first introduction. I'm Nova from Indonesia. Before I worked as a doctor in Hospital Transfusion Services so I asked a lot about blood transfusion reactions and blood administration. Not only in this forum, but also in other places, like ISBT congress, etc. But at the moment, I work for a Blood Transfusion Unit (where we do blood collection and blood processing). and we are in the middle of improving the quality, like implementing GMP, and as part of GMP do validation qualification. So I may ask more questions almost about anything. Thank you or in my country, Terima Kasih... Nova
  2. Dear all, I have to do validation process for the blood component making for each components that we made. But so many things still made me confused. 1. How many blood bags should be used for validation process? Is there any rules of how to calculate it? 2. Is it possible to do it more than one times? e.g. when I need to validate 60 blood bags, can we do it in three parts, each 20 blood bags? I asked the second question because in my country, the auditor said that we have to do it three times (because according to Pharmaceutical GMP, we have to do it three times). But when I ask about how many and how, it just answered by there is no certain rule about it. 3. Do we have to do it three times? e.g. when I need to validate 60 blood bags, do we have to do 3 x 60 blood bags instead of 1 x 60 blood bags or like question number two, 3 x 20 blood bags? So, how do you do it in your place? Thank you.
  3. my BTU is trying to do the validation and qualification program. one of the GMP auditor asked for the validation process for component making (focusing on RBC and FFP first). is there any example that I can use as a guide? thank you in advance.
  4. how about moving to my country, at least they still do it because they don't know... (trying to build a high hope, that they will change after they know)...
  5. just want to confirm using an example.... if one thalassemia patient needs one blood bag of FFP it needs a new informed consent? or one hemophiliac (in my hospital there are hemophiliacs who still get whether FFP or AHF/ Cryo), and he needs to be transfused with PRC, then a new informed consent needs to be made? and for inpatients, won't the same rule applied? I mean a new consent to be obtained when they require a transfusion for a different reason.
  6. in QPS 7 of JCI, there is a need of analysis conducted for: 1. all confirmed transfusion reactions, if applicable to the organization etc my questions: 1. what does it mean by if-applicable? 2. what is the meaning of confirmed transfusion reaction, because most of the transfusion reaction reported in my hospital, is just that, only reported, no further investigation done? 3. if what happens in my hospital can't be classified as confirmed, does it mean that my hospital doesn't have to do the analysis, because there is no confirmed transfusion reaction? 3. what are the numerator and denominator used for the indicator? 4. do you have samples of the analysis that has been done? just curious, what is the reason you put if the number of transfusion reaction is increased, when I don't think it's controllable. thank you.
  7. helppppp..... I'm trying to make sure that instead of using the waterbath which is already used for more than 10 years, it would be better to buy a new one of dry plasma thawer. when I said it has to be dry, someone said, ok put the blood bag in the plastic. when I said I don't know for sure if the temperature is still right, he said put a thermometer. at last I said it's not recommended anymore, he asked the literature. so, anyone, please help me with the standard, recommendation, or requirements of plasma thawer..... thank you before....
  8. when I read this it reminds me of the things my teacher told me before.... "Working in transfusion area means putting one of your feet in the grave and put the other in the jail.... so it means, that you have to be very careful to make sure you stay in balance...." '
  9. thank you.... I was asked about that, and the report from the journal is a kind of promising. the eye is getting better, and the burn heals fast. but I haven't read the report of reaction. there is a doctor who said that after the xth application, there are blisters around the place of application. the doctor said that it might happen because of the minimal hygiene, not because of the blood. and it didn't happen again after that.
  10. how about nationally, do you give report nationally?
  11. and expecting the doctor to come to bb afterwards? what if it is next to impossible? no verbal request allowed?
  12. indonesia, just wondering because I read that in some place, blood component (FFP) used as an eye drop, and I also read that buffy coat can improve the burn healing if put topically. so, there is still a problem of reaction after that kind of usage. is it part of the blood transfusion reaction report that was asked as part of hemovigillance survey, or not (since it's not transfused).
  13. the maximum minimum temperature for each blood bag or just the general temperature at the time the blood bags arrived? -just to make sure-
  14. sorry, I couldn't catch the meaning. when you determine the time, is it the time for FFP to change from 37oC to below 6oC? and if it is, is it the thaw time or the pool time? what is the definition of thaw time and pool time?
  15. is it supposed to be reported to the blood transfusion committee? just got two different research proposals to use the blood bag for topical treatment of the eye ball and for burns. one of the patients got swelling around the place the blood was put. is it supposed to be reported as blood transfusion reaction to the blood transfusion committee? thanks nova
  16. what is supposed to be tested? just asked to give a test for the staff competency test, and just don't know where to start... clue, anyone? nova
  17. I don't know that there are two parts of the film. I think I got the full version from start to end (include the what is supposed to be done, instead of what happened) in one piece, but I will check the duration again. it's fun from the beginning where the audience was informed that if the audience has already know all the things, s/he can go straight to sleep. another one of the funniest thing is about how the staff informed the new patient where to find a certain room. it reminds me about me informing the same thing for a new patient, and in the end, I just said, "follow me."
  18. thank you all... the consultant finally gives up. I just told that it is what happens in a country, b country, c country, etc. about being red or not, my country has its own regulation, so the consultant has to use our regulation. but, I have to give two thumbs up for the consultant because s/he gives in gracefully...
  19. thank you for the replies. as I told before, my hospital is trying to get JCI accreditation, and the consultant told me that the blood, if not transfused, has to be emptied before the blood bag can be thrown. and to make sure that the blood is transfused, instead of asking the labels back, the consultant said it would be better to send back the blood bag complete with the blood inside. just like banging my head to the wall.
  20. would you please share it with me, too? please send it to my email nsfirm@yahoo.com thanks before nova
  21. questions: 1. I know that it's supposed to be treated as biohazard waste, but is it a waste plastic bag, or is it supposed to be a firmer container; and whether it is in a yellow container or red container? 2. can the ward throw the blood bag on it's own or do the ward has to sent it back to blood transfusion unit? 3. do we have to throw all the contents (the blood) to a certain human liquid sink (which then will be treated as part of hospital waste management) or just let the contents inside the blood bag and put the blood bag filled with liquid inside the incinerator to be burnt? thanks before... nova
  22. is it possible for me to ask for the same thing? nova
  23. I read, an article about using blood not for transfusion, but for topical therapy, like in a case in opthalmology department, and a certain type of burn. what if there is a reaction in that kind of cases, does it part of the haemovigilance that should be reported, or not? anyone has ever reported something like that? nova jakarta, indonesia
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