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  1. We still have the Dade Immufuges, in addition the the Sorvall cellwasher 2. I read that no open tubes of blood should be centrifuged in the Technical Manual. We do tube testing for everything but antibody screens and panels which we use gel for. Are we supposed to cover each of the tubes? Do we need a centrifuge with an inside cover or what? Thank you j
  2. The Ortho MTS gel instructions say that the pink haze can be caused by rouleaux caused by abnormally high protien values in the patient's plasma.... What is your procedure for these circumstances?
  3. We use Ortho MTS gel cards. The last few weeks it seems that the gel cards are showing slight hemolysis as often as not. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced that? I think the screen cells (ortho) get worse the older they get. We keep the cells cool and protected from light, but when I use the fresher ones the hemolysis is not as bad. We are also getting "fuzzier" negative reactions, where there is diffuse (slight pink haze) in the column that becomes at least a partial ring at the top. Have you had these experiences ? Do you prefer another brand of gel cards/ screen cards? Thank you for any help j
  4. Do you have recipients sign consent form for every unit, every day or once/visit to the hospital? We are reviewing our policy and would appreciate your input. Thank you j
  5. As a small hospital that does not use transport containers or floor refrigerators, would it be better to just dispose of returned units? They are not allowed to store units outside of the lab, and must be ready to infuse before getting the blood. If the unit is left at room temp. they probably are too warm very quickly. The unit return rate is less than 2 per year. Should we just not re-issue, to avoid having to verify the temp of the unit?
  6. Our inspector said that we should verify that the temp of the unit (rbcs) was between 1-10degrees C. Our current policy is that it has to be returned w/in 30minutes and be cool to the touch. We are a small hospital, so we do not issue in coolers at this time. If we go to coolers/ containers, how do you validate them?
  7. What is your protocol for when the floor wants to return a unit of RBCs that have been dispensed for transfusion?
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