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  1. Sharion Marshall

    O Pos vs O Neg red cells for emergencies

    We give O positive units to all males and O negative units to all females.
  2. Sharion Marshall

    Cord Blood Testing

    We are currently doing the same thing. We only perform cord blood testing on Rh neg moms, "O" moms and moms with any identified antibody.
  3. Sharion Marshall


    Thanks, this is good therapy!
  4. Sharion Marshall

    New Lot Immucor FMH Rapid Screen

    We have had the same problem at our hospital with the positive control being very weak. I called Immucor and they sent another Rapid Screen same lot number to see if the kit was better. It was no better than the other one. I had one tech to tell me, if he let it sits for 10 min instead of 5 min, the positive control worked better. I don't know if this is allowed, since the instructions say to let it incubate for 5 min at room temp and wash four times.
  5. Sharion Marshall

    Uncrossmatched Blood

    We do not issue blood without any paperwork or the emergency release form for the doctor to sign. If the ER does not have any kind of identifier for the patient, they have to assign a temporary medical record number and register the patient as "Doe,Jane" or "Doe,John" until they can id the patient.
  6. Sharion Marshall


    We have had a couple of patients with anti-U and we had to get our blood from Red Cross also. One patient was an OB patient and the other patient was not an OB. The units cross-matched compatible. The units need to be U negative, (which is S and s negative).
  7. Sharion Marshall


    Our policy is the same as Likewine99
  8. Sharion Marshall

    Return to Blood Bank policy

    Our policy is to receive the blood back into inventory if it is returned back to the blood bank within 30 minutes from the time of issue.

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