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  1. We also use their Medical Record number for our patient wristband, and we manually result the second Type and Screen. I don't know of a way to copy the results, although that would be really nice. Most of the time the blood bank orders are on their own requisition, so we can use the Move To Another Account without any issues.
  2. We move the account number if there are no other tests on the requisition. If there are, we simply copy the results into the Inpatient order and credit the charges on the outpatient one. This assumes that the outpatient was armbanded when the type and screen was done and meets our requirements for pre-transfusion testing.
  3. We have an NPR writer on contract with the hospital. I hope we never lose her!
  4. I have found most of the standard blood bank reports useless for transfusion review. I don't specifically remember data mashed up and becoming unreadable, but it is difficult to do a proper review with the multi-line reports that they give you. I had my NPR writer develop a transfusion review report for me which pulls all of the data I need in a semi-colon delimited format. I download this report, export it into Excel, and then each transfusion is on its own line with headings that I can sort any way I need. This has been a lifesaver!
  5. We keep our cord blood samples until we run out of storage space. This usually works out to between 20-30 days. We have done testing on them up to a week after delivery if the baby is jaundiced at their 1 week doctor's appointment, but that is exceedingly rare. They almost always get ordered the day after delivery.
  6. No, it is all or nothing. You are required to retype all units, not just Type O.
  7. This was addressed in a previous thread. I can't remember exactly what it was called but it is fairly recent.
  8. Beer is what the going currency is around here. Seriously, though, you are welcome.
  9. The way to handle this is to create a separate product for the pheresis units in the product dictionary. We have them set as RCLK (whole blood derived), and RCLKP (Pheresis derived) and RCLK2 (pheresis second container). This way they do not appear as duplicate units in Meditech and scan correctly in both LAB and TAR.
  10. Well, I just finished reviewing transfusions for last month and there are 7 transfusions with no end time.
  11. A name is satisfactory to get the ball rolling, but they are required to sign all orders eventually or our hospital suspends their privileges. Once they are signed, their privileges are reinstated.
  12. Agreed Malcolm. With Meditech, there is a BIG red warning when the transfusion time parameters are exceeded, and some of the nurses following the offender will end the transfusion, while some won't. Some enter a nursing note, and some ignore it. Most of these happen in our outpatient infusion area where the patient is dismissed before those transfusion time parameters are exceeded and they don't have the chart open anymore, but some still occur on the other nursing units. Our outpatient nurse manager will always take care of it when I notify her, but the other units do not.
  13. If you use Batch Enter or even Quick Enter Units, the source of all of the blood units must be the same. We don't use these functions because we get units from many different ARC Regions in one shipment. We were burned by someone not noticing the different region on some units and just scanning them all without paying attention. Then none of the DINs are correct and it was a hassle for me to fix them individually as they were discovered. If your antigen typing is barcoded, then I am jealous because ours is not. The Quick Enter Units routine does have an Antigens field, but I don't know if the barcoding would work. It would be worth testing, however.
  14. This is the answer to your question: a current specimen. A historical blood type is not a current specimen!
  15. Nothing has changed for manual result entry (and it must be BU# by the way), but Richard was asking about performing the retype on automation. This requires a specimen barcode as I mentioned.
  16. We have about one of these per month. If I can get an end time I put that time in; otherwise I just enter the end time as 4 hours from start and file a Risk Management variance.
  17. We have Meditech, and I have built charge only tests for all of the reference lab charges. I manually add these once the workup comes back. There are some that aren't billable, like the after hours charge, so we absorb that cost.
  18. I was asked about the courier training a couple of inspections ago. She asked what training they received. I told her I wasn't sure because they were nursing personnel and they were trained by nursing. That's all the further that conversation went. I can't think of a standard covering that, so if you can let us know what one he cited, that would be appreciated.
  19. Our system is down at the moment, so can't give you the exact dictionary page, but for the products you wish to retype, you first create an order group that contains the retype group (or profile). Then in the product dictionary, under Assoc Unit Order Group, you put that order group in the desired field, probably Non-Affiliated Source. Then when you enter your unit it will create a specimen for the retype. You cannot use the RBC Unit label, because the testing is on the specimen number. Hope this helps.
  20. Melvolny asked about a rule on starting blood within 30 minutes, not returning blood. I don't believe that you will find anything other than what R1R2 stated.
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