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  1. Thank you, David. How doyou perform the review/monitor these tags? Do you receive a back copy when the transfusion is completed, and if so, do you save the copy of all transfusion tags?
  2. The citation was TRM.41450 Blood Administration. I'd like to know what other facilities are doing so that the Blood Bank does not take the hit for this since it is a nursing issue. Thank you!
  3. Currently our Blood Bank receives the back copy of the transfusion tag from the floor/OR and was cited by CAP for tags that were incomplete with either vital signs and/or 2 signatures. I'm trying to discontinue the practice of getting these tags back. Nursing does perform audits on the completed transfusion tags and the Blood Bank performs monthly observations. The med. director does not want to discontinue as she wants to ensure that the tags are being completed. Any ideas??
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