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  1. Has anyone changed their PPE requirements for handling COVID 19 patient specimens?
  2. CAP GEN.55500 Competency Assessment -Nonwaived Testing states in the Note: Prior to starting patient/client testing and prior to reporting results for new methods or instruments, each individual must have training and be evaluated for proper test performance as required in GEN.55540 Personnel Training. Do you interpret this to mean that there should be a document for training and a separate document for competency prior to initial testing? Or is the sign off of initial training sufficient for a tech to begin testing with 6 month and 12 month competency to follow?
  3. My lab is exploring differing quality structures in hospital labs. I would be interested in knowing if your labs have a quality dept. in the lab, and if so, how many people are dedicated to the dept? Does it consist of Transfusion Medicine as well as other lab areas? Thanks!
  4. Our point of care team also did a validation study on our critcally ill patients but that still leave the glucose monitors as high complexity with the training and competency requirements.
  5. How are you addressing the CLIA requirment that point of care blood glucose monitors that are not specifically approved for critically ill patients are considered off label use which puts the testing in the high complexity category? There is only one monitor on the market that has been approved in this patient population.
  6. Emory limited testing to point of care instruments in the patient's suite of rooms with testing done by laboratory personnel. We do not have an instrument to run POC CBC so that is not an option. We have limited testing to CBC with diff, BMP, hepatic panel, PT/INR, Fibrinogen, blood and urine cultures, and malaria in the main laboratory.
  7. Our institution has been fine-tuning protocols for suspected ebola patients and one of the hot topics has been point of care testing. I thought it might be interesting to hear how other institutions are handling this topic.
  8. Is anyone participating in the Hemovigilance Module as part of the Biovigilance component of NHSN ? If so, have you found the data useful? What kind of time and personnel committment is required. Any feedback is appreciated!
  9. Scott, We aren't planning to reuse the containers for patient testing. We want to throw them in the recycle bin rather than biohazard. Kim
  10. I am not really sure where to post this question but it comes for our Chemistry lab so I thought this would be a good place to start. Does anyone recycle used urine cups and jugs? We have been told that unless blood is visible, urine can be emptied in the sink and the containers can be recycled. One of our concerns is how to protect HIPAA info. We want to be good lab citizens but peeling off all those labels or blacking them out is not feasible. Any feedback is appreciated.
  11. Would anyone be willing to share their emergency release form. I tried seaching for the forms and found threads discussing them but not the forms themselves. Kim
  12. TRM.44900 states in the Note section that at least 90% of platelet units tested must have maintained appropriate counts and pH during storage. Our transfusion service collects >400 platelet products each month, many of which are doubles but are only testing 4 units from each instrument type to satisfy this requirement. I know CFR21 340.25 specifies that 4 units must be tested monthly but that number seems very low to me in order to reach the 90% confidence level for >400 units of platelets. Any feedback is appreciated.
  13. This is my first post so I hope I don't break any rules! We are looking for a document control system for all our policies, procedures, etc for the entire lab. We have looked at a couple and they all seem fairly similar. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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