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  1. Hey everybody, I am trying to gather some data to see what process volume facilities use during and HPC,Apheresis collection. I have read everything from 12L-20L or 200 mL per kilogram. We are looking at a new volume due to the new machine they would like to start collecting our products on. We are looking at using an Optia. Any input would be great!
  2. We are looking into purchasing a new blood bank refrigerator. I am depating between a Helmer or a Revco (from Cardinal). We do have a Revco in our department currently, but I have never tried a Helmer. Just curious as to other people experiences.
  3. Contact Helmer. They may have the pockets. Helmer just bought the Thermogenesis plasma line the beginning of January. I know they are not selling the thawer, but perhaps they will have parts.
  4. I am looking at the same exact thawers! I was hoping to see if anybody had any luck with the Genesis BPS. We currently have a Thermogenesis that is on its last leg. We love having a dry waterbath, but Thermogenesis no longer makes them. Helmer recently bought the line, but they do not have the dry waterbath available.
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