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    Doing most anything outdoors, reading and watching movies.
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    I am married with 4 children, 1 stepson and 2 grandchildren. I have worked in the Lab for 11 years. My husband and I also own our own business.
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    Blood Bank Technical Coordinator

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  1. What kind of control regimen do you use? Our sister hospital just got cited from CAP for not performing QC on the expired panel of use and are not sure what to use for QC.
  2. Does anyone use expired ABID Panels to help rule out cells homozygously?
  3. Does anyone do Antigen testing using the IgG gel card? I know that there currently isn't any gel cards for Anti-K,S or Fya available, but I was interested in doing antigen testing with IgG gel card by using a 0.8% suspension of the red cells with 25 microliters of the anti sera, incubating at 37 degress for 15min before centrifuging. I have been doing a correlation between the tube and gel card method obtaining great results.
  4. Thanks so much everyone for your feedback!
  5. We currently store all patient specimens for 14 days in a tray where the days are seperated by dividers and where each row is labeled with the day (Mon, Tue, etc..). Could I please have some feed back on how other hospitals store their patient specimens? Thanks so much!
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