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  1. We switched to N-Hance years ago in order to comply with Massachusetts Water Resources regulations. ImmuAdd contains the preservative thimerosol-a mercury contaminant. We performed a small validation and found that N-Hance performed as well as ImmuAdd. Only one problem: the manufacturer's insert suggests using a transfer pipet to dispense the additive rather than the vial dropper in order to maintain the proper ionic strength. When we open a vial, we always discard the dropper and replace it with a stopper.
  2. Limitations to the FHM RapidScreen Test 1. For correct interpretation of the test results, the test must be performed on the blood of a known D-negative mother of a recently delivered D-positive child. If the infant's red blood cells possess a weak D antigen or partial D antigen, the test may not detect a fetomaternal hemorrhage exceeding 30 mL of whole blood.
  3. We assume that every patient is a COVID patient. We place each unit in a zip lock bag with the unit tag placed along the back of the bag, seal the zip lock and place a label across the top of the seal warning that if the seal is broken the unit will be discarded. We do this for every unit.
  4. Do you require a MD signature on non electronic blood bank orders or is a name satisfactory?
  5. We receive cord samples on every baby and only test the ones (ABO/Rh DAT) from Rh negative moms or those with a clinically significant antibody. Our LIS allows us to see both mom and baby demographics at sample log-in. We never perform an eluate from the cord.
  6. When building psoralen-treated platelets into your computer product code database, what special feature will you be creating to capture the fact that these "illuminated" platelets are equivalent to "irradiated" platelets?
  7. We are suddenly detecting anti-Bga using Capture solid phase technique. What gives? Is anyone else picking up these nuisance antibodies in Capture (they are not reproducible in PEG/IgG)?
  8. How about a nationwide survey gathering information on how hospitals prepare aliquots for neonatal transfusion. Do they have an anticoagulant preference? Do they use a dedicated unit or select only fresh blood? Do they issue the unit in a syringe or in a pedi-bag? Are the units CMV negative or leukoreduced? Practice seems to so varied that it would be nice to get an overview and perhaps best practice ideas.
  9. If you're in a hole, stop digging
  10. It well documented and if you take a look at Issitt's Blue Bible "Applied Blood Group Serology" you see numerous citations where certain serums contain loads of antibodies to low freqs--the Blo serum contained antibodies to Bpa, Gf, Jna, Moa, Or, Pta, Ria, Swa, Tra, Vga, Vw, Wra, BOW ans Skjelbred--a real hodge podge of goodies
  11. here's a link to the California Blood Bank Society where they addressed this topic http://www.cbbsweb.org/enf/2004/ffp_lowtiter_anti_t.html
  12. We only perform a FMH test(Rh positive infants, negative Mom) postpartum. The Gamma/Immucor kit insert does not recommend testing infant's possessing a weak D antigen sine the test may not detect a FMH exceeding 30 ml. We send all other requests to the Heme Lab for a KB
  13. With a very busy liver program and active emergency room, we find it very helpful to have prepooled cryo on hand-especially for our overnight crew-pooling a cryo while you're crossmatching, thawing plasma, tagging a platelet, (maybe preparing factor 7a) packing coolers and answering the phone is always fun. I can forward you our SOP. FDA did review our validation documents and gave us their blessing to proceed-we routinely keep 15 frozen pools on hand at all times.
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