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  1. You will need to go to the BBK History desktop and then to Replace XM Test. Under it you will need to enter the history record number and put a Y in the Exclude from Electronic Crossmatch. Their are of course steps in LIS and BBK parameters but the billing is on this page below.
  2. I am looking into the billing for the CCP. We used 5 units under the EIND and I was able to find the attached file online. Has anyone else heard is there a HCPCS code yet? We are now in the Expanded Access Program and I know we will not be charged for those units. Does anyone know can you still charge for the thawing HCPCS#86927? TIA. Request-to-HHS-CCP-Payment-Pathway.pdf
  3. Carrie Easley thank you. How did you seal the wire at the port entrance?
  4. I have tried a data logger the Microlite III temp logger. It did not seem to instantaneously read the cooler temperature but just the temperature that the logger itself had been at. Conditioning it at room temperature it took several minutes before lowering in temperature when placed in a cooler with ice. I pre conditioned it in the refrigerator and it took a long time to read a higher temperature at room temperature. We store blood products in a cooler at bedside during surgery and need to account for the temperature. Do you have any brand suggestions?
  5. I need to be able to monitor blood products while in a cooler such as at bedside in the OR during a surgical case. We currently use the BT10 indicators but I am needing a device to take a digital temperature reading of the cooler at intervals during the surgery. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in Advance!
  6. I was wanting to get input on DAT's performed for Transfusion Reaction Investigations. Do you perform them with just IgG, C3d or both? TIA.
  7. Remote as in another location within the same hospital outside of the Blood Bank like the ER or OR.
  8. I am looking at storing blood products in a remote location for our facility. Just curious what everyone is doing currently? Thanks for the info!
  9. We use the Ortho Confidence System and AB plasma as our negative control. That will cover all of your possibility of reactions. Yes you would have to QC the ABD card as well. For Cord study we run the ABD w/Rev (in case the patient is AB POS you need the ctrl) and an IgG card well for the DAT. It may detect weak D but we perform a weak D test on every Rh negative newborn.
  10. We use Ortho gel primarily. It states nothing about centrifuge time. We use greiner tubes and they recommend 2000g for 10 min for platelet poor plasma. I am leaning towards the Stat spin express which is 3 minutes at 4000g. As long as it validates I don't see a problem do you?
  11. I am looking to cut down our TAT. We currently spin our specimens for 10 minutes. Any suggestions for stat centrifuges? TIA.
  12. I am needing some help setting up electronic crossmatch in Meditech. I have everything else in place but can not figure out how to prevent EXM in patients who have mixed field reactions. I am wanting to be able to perform the IS serologically as I understand this is needed per CAP and FDA regulations. Has anyone else experience this. We are currently on version 6.08. Thanks in advance!
  13. I would say it is due to the DARA. DTT treated cells will eliminate the DARA reactivity and let you be able to rule out everything besides mainly Kell system which DTT denatures. We perform a baseline type and screen and DNA HEA typings on patients before they start. If DTT screen is negative we give K negative cells if patient is antigen negative.
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