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  1. 68 downloads

    Deficiencies Relating to the Manufacture of Blood and Blood Components
  2. 73 downloads

    FDA Request for Information on Blood Storage Patterns and Red Cell Contamination by Yersinia Enterocolitica
  3. 87 downloads

    Use of the Recombigen HIV-1 LA Test
  4. 90 downloads

    Autologous Blood Collection and Processing Procedures
  5. 85 downloads

    Eight-Hour Hold; Blood and Plasma Inspectors
  6. 71 downloads

    Abbott Laboratories' HIVAG-1 test for HIV-1 antigen(s) not recommended for use as a donor screen
  7. 65 downloads

    Requirements for Computerization of Blood Establishments
  8. 57 downloads

    Guidance for Autologous Blood and Blood Components
  9. 56 downloads

    Use of the Recombigen HIV-1 Latex Agglutination (LA) Test
  10. 69 downloads

    Antibody to Human T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus, Type I (HTLV-1) Release Panel
  11. 55 downloads

    Revised Guidelines for the Collection of Platelets, Pheresis
  12. 87 downloads

    Criteria for Exemption of Lot Release
  13. 80 downloads

    Physician Substitutes (Update)
  14. 49 downloads

    Discontinuance of Pre-Licensing Inspection for Immunization Using Licensed Tetanus Toxoid and Hepatitis B and Rabies Vaccines
  15. 53 downloads

    Control of Unsuitable Blood and Blood Components
  16. 75 downloads

    Recommendations for Implementation of Computerization in Blood Establishments
  17. 83 downloads

    Handling of Human Blood Source Materials
  18. 78 downloads

    Extension of Dating Period For Storage of Red Blood Cells, Frozen
  19. 56 downloads

    Recommendations for the Management of Donor and Units that are Initially Reactive for Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg)
  20. 85 downloads

    Deferral of Donors Who Have Received Human Pituitary-Derived Growth Hormone
  21. 84 downloads

    Reduction of the Maximum Platelet Storage Period tp 5 Days in an Approved Container
  22. 69 downloads

    Plasma Derived from Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
  23. 60 downloads

    Deferral of Blood Donors Who Have Received the Drug Accutane (isotretinoin / Roche; 13-cis-retinoic acid)
  24. 59 downloads

    Collection of Human Leukocytes for Further Manufacturing (Source Leukocytes)
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