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  1. Cliff


    There are FDA requirements for labels that are directly adhered to a blood product. If you are applying a label on top of an approved label, those rules do not apply. I always had good luck with Shamrock labels. https://www.shamrocklabels.com/
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  2. It has always been an unspoken rule for me to gently mix it once before every centrifugation. For the Jka/b, you mixed it once then incubate and then centrifuge. For the CEce you mixed it once for the IS before centrifuge. Then for the RT incubation part, you mixed it once before centrifuge. The gentle mixing before centrifugation allows cells to resuspend and bind to any possible "unbound" antibodies and then latticed together in the centrifuge. I attached the Ortho Instructions for Use for Anti-CEce. Good luck. Ortho_CcEe_.pdf
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  3. I think AABB requires that stored blood products be maintained in a way to reduce errors. The old tradition (maybe there are still rules) of keeping specimens below blood products suggests that specimens spill in the refrigerator. I can't recall every seeing that happen. I've seen a few doozy spills out on the workbenches but not in the refrigerator.
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